Android Accessibility Suite what is this program and is she needed


What you need to know about Android Accessibility Suite?

This program was formerly called Talkback. After a few versions software developers decided to rename their project in Android Accessibility Suite – a set for access to Android. With her help people with disabilities will be able to more easily use their devices. The application has flexible settings. Users can hear voice alerts about all actions that occur on the phone. Voice prompts need to be activated in settings using TalkBack.

The program allows you to add any language packs on the engine Svox. After rebranding the program in functional terms, almost nothing has changed. This talkback app is known was only part of the program, so a decision was made change the name to a more suitable one. Accessibility Suite also There is another module – Switch Access. It aims to help people with impaired movement using a special the controller.

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Application features

Get Android Accessibility Suite on your smartphone on the Play Store page After installing it, you can:

  • In the “Accessibility” application menu, configure the buttons, gestures, navigation, sound options and more;

    App on Google Play

    App on google play

  • With the TalkBack feature, you can voice items to go device, read text, you can install vibration on pressing certain items;
  • You can also use the function that allows you to voice objects falling into the camera’s lens of the device;
  • Use the Switch Access mono module to control gadget via keyboard or special remote control;
  • You can also voice text that has come into view smartphone cameras;
  • In the new version, the ability to implement certain actions while scoring takes place. For To do this, activate the multitasking item through the settings. programs.

    Accessibility Suite Settings

    Accessibility Suite Settings

Does Android Accessibility Suite need you or yours? Relatives – you decide. But if you or loved ones have some problems with access to mobile devices, the application is still need to test. First of all, the application can become A good helper for those who have vision problems.

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Using Accessibility Suite

After installing the Accessibility Suite application, you can open it settings and find there detailed instructions on how to to use. She is very detailed. Usually questions after familiarization with it does not arise. But still we will consider here fluently the main nuances in its use. One of the inconveniences of user opinion is that when choosing items or keys need to use double tap.

  • After clicking on one of the installed applications on your The smartphone will say its name on the smartphone. To start it selected program, you must again click on the icon;
  • When using the keyboard, by pressing one of the keys, you hear the word that begins with this letter. In settings Accessibility Suite can disable or enable this function
  • To enable the program to read text, shake the device;
  • When using the program for the first time, connect the headphones to configure some functions;
  • To activate the ability to run applications with two fingers, select the application icon in the menu and hold. The program automatically activates this item, and you in the future can open programs on your Android device with this way;
  • To disable TalkBack (voice hints), you need to open the application menu and select “Pause reviews.” Confirm these settings and uncheck from the item “Always display …” so that next time an additional a confirmation window did not appear.

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How to remove an application from Android

In order to remove the Accessibility Suite application from your Android device, you need to open the smartphone menu and click on program icon. Hold it until appears basket. Move the icon there and confirm the deletion.

App Reviews

Google Play App Reviews

What is the Android Accessibility Suite program really? In the reviews about the application on the Play Store, you can find outraged user reviews. They noticed some oddities when uninstalling a program. Sometimes it is self-repeated restored without the knowledge of the owner of the device. In utility Android Accessibility Suite has no doubt. But install or not, the user decides.

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