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  • 1 What does the status mean that the goods are in distribution center at the place of receipt?
  • 2 What parcel delivery problems may arise
  • 3 Parcel statuses on departure

What does the status mean that the goods in the distribution center at the place of receipt?

Each person who tracks their goods by track number sooner or later receives such a parcel status “Arrived at distribution center at the place of delivery. “It means that the goods, which you expect has reached the sorting point to which your city is tied. Many large cities, often regional, have special mail distribution points. Such points are served by dozens and hundreds of post offices of all nearby settlements.

You can say for sure that this is the penultimate status of your parcels. The last will be “Located at the pickup point. Delivered. “It means you can pick up your package in nearest post office. You just have to take with you documents proving your identity. You can wait notifications from the post office, but if the package does not tolerate delay, it is best to take the initiative yourself. When will you in place, you can leave your phone number or connect SMS notification. The service is paid, it is 10 rubles for one message.

What parcel delivery problems may arise

If the delivery address is incomplete or incomplete there are inaccuracies, there may be delays at the sorting points, depending on the data you specify. In such situations, you can observe the status of “Undelivered.”


Undelivered status

If this happens, you need to contact special services –, for tracking. Here you can Get more information about your package. And if you have opportunity, then you can pick it yourself from the specified sorting center.

Other situations also happen – when it is written that the package arrived (after status: Arrived at the distribution center at the place delivery), but at the post office they tell you that the package is not came. This does not often happen, but it still happens through fault staff mail. For example, workers have a busy working day and they don’t have time to deal with a mountain of packages, etc. Therefore, in order to unload their working day, they simply send expect you home.

What can be done in this situation:

  • You have the right to create a search for your package. it can be done if the delivery time has expired.
  • You can open a dispute with the seller on the store’s website, in which ordered the goods.
  • Be sure to check your inbox, quite possibly you You will find in it a small, inconspicuous package.
  • In order for your package to receive the status of “Delivered”, it is necessary for the postal officer to enter this data in a special the system. So take a printout of the package route with you, all necessary documents and go to the post office for proceedings.

In order to make it easier for you to track the package for tracking, especially if you often shop online, you must know parcel statuses for quick orientation and enterprise appropriate action.

If you ordered an item on AliExpress, you can track it on the Yanwen Economic Air Mail and China Post Registered Air Mail

Parcel statuses on departure

  • Your product has reached the opening point – here you must see the zip code of the sender. Usually these statuses a lot and the actual order is usually broken. It happens by for various reasons. One of them is different application time intervals. data.
  • Total Export – this status means that your package Passed through all stages of the country of origin and sent to your country.
  • Acceptance – This status means that the seller has passed parcel post office. Parcel often often may not immediately be tracked by the code that the seller will provide you. Treatment data also takes some time. Therefore, in some cases You can expect data to appear up to 10 days.
  • Processing (arrived at IMGO) – with this status, the parcel prepare for export. In some Chinese transportation services this status in the seller’s country is the last which displayed by tracking.

So that the data on the route of your product appeared already in your country, you have to wait a long time. And if the package sent without an international track, then most likely the package at all will no longer be tracked.

The status of the arrival of your parcel at the distribution center at place of delivery is one of the main statuses that relate to your country.

Arrival of the parcel at the place of delivery

Arrived at the distribution center at the place of delivery

Another important status is Customs Release. That means your the parcel has passed all the necessary customs formalities and Prepared for release with MMPO.

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