CH Debit RUS MOSCOW IDT: 0513 1 RUS MOSCOW SBOL – what is it?


What is this code CH Debit RUS MOSCOW IDT: 0513 1 RUS MOSCOW SBOL?

One of the VKontakte groups has information on this code. This the group is called “Help the homeless animals of Talitsa.” Judging by description, a group created to help animals that contains shelter. The shelter, according to the creators of the group, is located in Talitsa. Here is a bank account to which participants groups can send money. The card is issued on Tatyana Gennadyevna D.

Transfers to the shelter's account

Transfers to the account of the animal shelter

There are sections here that explain to users what they need. do if you find a stray animal. There are ads for wanting to get animals from the shelter. One of the sections is report for those who donated money for the maintenance of the homeless. Here are screenshots of transfers to Sberbank’s account. Among posts come across photos of purchases. As well as goods with food for animals, checks from stores.

Posts in the VK group

Posts in the animal shelter group

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What to do if such a message arrives?

Messages like CH Debit RUS MOSCOW IDT: 0513 1 RUS MOSCOW SBOL are some of the usual bank notifications on mobile device. Such SMS arrives every time you transfer funds to another bank account or paid for some service. But as user experience shows, sometimes it can be actions scammers. And in that case you should act immediately.

In addition to the code, the message may contain names or titles companies. Messages also come if the transfer is received the user himself. If the amounts in the message are small and you do not transferred money to anyone and did not ask others to do it users, just ignore such notifications. If needed, bank staff will contact you. Do not forget also that often fraudsters are represented by bank employees.

Do not tell anyone any codes from SMS messages or your personal data. They need only scammers. Bank employees will never ask you to tell them by phone the operation code or your personal information. All necessary data is stored in the database. bank. They are simply unnecessary to them.

Bank card details

Bank card details

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What to do if the money was withdrawn from the card without your knowledge

The code CH Debit RUS MOSCOW SBOL may mean debit funds from the card, transfers, etc. Consider several reasons for by which money can be debited from your account with this code.

  1. You may encounter such a code in a message if previously issued any subscriptions or services with a monthly payment, for example, a subscription to music from Apple and others.
  2. Card may be withdrawn without your knowledge for a reason debts to a bank or other government services. Such payments regulated by court decision. But before seizing so In a way of means, you must be notified.
  3. Intruders and viruses can also cause deducted funds. Today there is a special kind of virus – this “bankers”. Especially software that was developed for hacking bank accounts.
  4. Rarely enough, but bank system failures are also possible. Service the technology of financial institutions may fail, while the consequences of these cases are unpredictable. It can also be attributed to errors of bank operators.

The latter case is reversible. You need to contact technical support of the bank, describe your case. Provide message with the code CH Debit RUS MOSCOW IDT: 0513 1 RUS MOSCOW SBOL and ask for help.

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