CH Payment RUS MOSCOW IDT: 0614 2 RUS MOSCOW SBOL – what is it?


What does this code mean?

In fact, these codes are ambiguous. They can mean like transferring funds from your account to another user, as well as transferring to your account. As you can see from the message – code CH Payment RUS MOSCOW IDT: 0614 2 RUS MOSCOW SBOL consists of several Latin words. It can be decrypted in parts. For example, the first characters “CH” means a check (from the English Check). It is followed by the word Payment, what is translated from English as payment. RUS MOSCOW – localization making a payment. And SBOL stands for Sberbank Online

If you combine these decryptions, it turns out – a check for payment on Russian territory in Moscow with the help of Sberbank Online. Part IDT0614 2 acts as a payment identifier. These codes may used when transferring wages, calculating pensions and other payments. A similar code may mean transfers between bank accounts of Sberbank.

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Where is the code with this identifier

A code with this identifier is in one of the VKontakte groups. She called “Helping Homeless Animals.” Group created the organizers of the shelter from the village of Talitsa, where the shelter itself is located. Here You can find sections with reports from group administrators about spent funds donated by the participants themselves groups. Among the posts there are many images of receipts and packages with food for animals.

Posts in the VK group

Posts in the animal shelter group

Here you can also find a screenshot of the transfers to the account that is indicated in the description of the group. It is located in the “Revenue and costs”.

Account statement

Statement from Sberbank

Where can the money come from with this code?

Money transfers with the code CH Payment RUS MOSCOW IDT0614 2 RUS MOSCOW SBOL can come in different cases:

  • Crediting funds to a bank account (for example, salary)
  • The code in the message may be when refunding
  • Someone made a money transfer to your card by mistake
  • Scam actions

Discarding very rare cases of random transfers of funds to your account, you need to think about who could transfer money to your account. Itself The message needs to be analyzed. Read detailed information on to your account. Perhaps you can determine the sender of the funds. If you need help with technical support of the bank, you can call the numbers +7495500555 0, 8800555 5550 or short number 900. For all of these numbers you can call for free.

Best of all, if possible – contact The nearest branch of Sberbank and get advice on your question. In any case, you should take your passport with you, so that employees can verify that the account belongs to you. Be prepared when contacting the technical support phone also provide your account details.

What to do if you determine that scammers are acting

After analyzing your account and getting some information it may become clear that these are scammers. In that case, you urgently need to contact the support operator or soon branch of the bank and provide all data on account transactions. If the money was credited by an unknown user, then you will soon be asked to return the money. Funds transferred by mistake although it is difficult to return to your account, but it can be done. AND if the user does not agree to return the funds sent by mistake, they can make him do it in court. Therefore be attentive to messages with the code CH Payment RUS MOSCOW IDT0614 2 RUS MOSCOW SBOL.

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