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What cheats exist for Standoff 2

As we recall, Stendoff 2 is an online game, inviting users to battle each other in team confrontations on six different maps. User uploads to game files (usually with the extension .apk) on your phone, connects to game servers, finds opponents and plays. The gameplay data is stored on the Axlebolt servers – game development company.

Standoff 2

“Standoff 2” – an exciting game shooter

Since the data is stored on servers, then crack the key game performance, including gold, is almost impossible. Everything, that available to us – several mods to the game that give the ability to see through walls (wallhack), accurately shoot (aimbot), quickly move around the map and a number of useful bonuses.


Aimbot allows you to see an opponent behind the walls

Thus, the vast majority of cheats for Standoff shooter 2 to check are dummies. However, we offer believe in luck, and try the codes that we publish below.

Gold Cheats Stendoff 2

Parsing Gold Cheats for Stendoff 2

It may be useful: Download mod for Standoff 2 a lot of money.

Gold hacking codes

Cracks for Stendoff 2 are divided into codes and hacked game files (fashion). The cheat list is as follows:

Codes: Appointment:
QGX9RM6Z1Y Golden Pak 100
YVDH5IERVV Bronze medal for help
HEZT04HII1 Gold Pak 500
6AXVVDAFVU Golden Pak 1000
KLZXLMP8IX Silver medal for help
BI5FHWBESY Golden Pak 3000
ZVGESBU1IS Gold medal for help
XGKQAOZLMA Platinum medal for help
8A6WKAHWUR Diamond medal for help

There are also special cheats for Android OS:

  • Gold Pak 100 – XEGH5MIKNM
  • Gold Pak 500 – QGEWTCTXAC
  • Golden Pak 1000 – XAVDEYUXGO
  • Gold Pak 3000 – MAOQKNDJEB

And also for iOS:

  • Gold Pak 100 – 1UCXR5PQA4
  • Gold Pak 500 – OO2TDCPERJ
  • Gold Pak 1000 – AEDLJMHPGX
  • Gold Pak 3000 – GQSYP2FP5J

To enter codes to Golda during the game of Standoff 2, we need to use a special virtual клавиатурой (уровня “GamePad” ), которую будет необходимоopen during gameplay.


GamePad application allows you to open the keyboard during gameplay

An alternative can be an emulator of the Android OS (BlueStacks 4, Nox App Player and others). You will be you need to run Standoff 2, and then type on the PC keyboard the code you need.


Run Stendoff 2 on the Bluestax emulator

Modified versions of the game Stendoff 2

In addition to cheats for hacking Standoff 2 gameplay, there are also mods, which are a modified apk-file of the game.

Mod Standoff 2

We study mods on Stendoff 2

Installing such mods on Golda is as follows way:

  1. You download the apk file and cache file to your phone;
  2. Run the apk file and install the game on the phone (but not run);
  3. Copy the cache file along the path sdcard / Android / obb

    Android cache

    Copy the cache file to the specified path

  4. Launch the game itself.

Among the sites where you can download the mod for Standoff 2 note the following:

  • – a mod file is available that offers to receive a lot of money (gold) and cache;

    Download the Gold mod from

  • – on this site there is a mod for many resources, as well as a cache that can be downloaded from the file hosting service.

    There is a mod for money for Stendoff 2 and on the site

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In our material, we examined what cheats for the shooter Standoff 2 exist to receive Gold. The network nature of these codes suggests that effective hacking is extremely difficult. Not less, you can try the cheat options listed by us and mods. And, it’s possible that some of them will be for you effective and efficient. Good luck.

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