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What is China Post Registered Air Mail?

As you know, the leading player in the Chinese postal market is “China Post” is the national postal service of China. The quality of her work is at an acceptable level, while most parcels sent with it are in domestic mail within China itself.

Standard Post Office

Standard Post Office “China Post” in the Middle Kingdom

However, China Post features let you send different types of parcels to near and far abroad. One of shipping methods overseas is China Post Registered Air Mail. “This is a fairly economical and leisurely delivery method. (delivery of the purchased goods to the country of destination is usually here is 2-4 weeks). This type of delivery allows you to work with parcels up to 2 kg with the ability to track them current location using tracking number.

The word “Registered” in the name of this species usually means that this package can be tracked using tracking services, and “Air Mail “- that delivery is carried out mainly using air transport.

Typically, this method of delivery is chosen by the seller when sending any goods for more than a few dollars. Payment for tracking is usually 1.8 – 3 US dollars, therefore use it with goods for the same or lesser amount is meaningless. Wherein A tracking number usually consists of 13 characters, starting with the letter “R” (Registered), and ends with the letters CN (China – China) – designation of the country from which the mail is sent.

At the same time, when the package arrives from China to Russia, then You can track its location using official page of the Russian Post site.


Tracking fee in “China Post Registered Air Mail ” usually is 1.8 – 3 US dollars

How to track a parcel sent via China Post Registered Air Mail”

To track parcels sent via China Post Registered Air Mail “, there are several popular online services that I will list below. Usually their functionality pretty boilerplate. You enter the track number in a special window, and then press the search activation button, the system collects data on the location of the goods, and gives you the result.

So, here is a list of network resources that you can use To search for your package:

  • The network service, allows track how mail sent using China Post Registered Airmail “(link), and all possible types of delivery with China (link). According to the developers of the site, their resource is the best option for tracking parcels from China;

    Window for entering tracking numbers on the site

    Window for entering tracking numbers on

  • China Post Official Resource, at where you can track the status of your package. Will need chinese translator extension for your browser that for a Russian-speaking user is not very convenient. However, for the reliability of the data the “native” resource of the national mail of China is the best option;
  • The English-language website allows track the status of your package (for search, enter received from seller on “AliExpress” tracking number in the window “Enter your tracking number “, then click on the” Track It! “button to get result). The site allows you to not only track package information sent using the “China Post”, but also visualize the path delivery using the Google maps service;

    Window for entering tracking numbers on

    Window for entering tracking numbers on

  • Universal Tracking Service also allows you to track the status of the package. Among its advantages are the Russian-language interface, as well as working with many famous international carriers;
  • The service also has a convenient Russian-language functionality for tracking the location of parcels, shipped via China Post. Since sellers with “AliExpress” most often use the “China Post” for sending goods, then you can use the resource “” for convenient tracking of the location of your purchase.
  • For more accurate product tracking use one more service: SF eParcel, ePacket and Yanwen Economic Air Mail.


One of the services of the Chinese national postal system “China Post” is the “China Post Registered Air” shipping method Mail “, which provides an inexpensive way to deliver parcels weighing up to 3 kilogram. An important attribute of this method is usually the ability to track the package using received from the seller tracking numbers, which allows you to detail the location parcels, thereby improving the delivery mechanism to the buyer.

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