Club of Romance mod on many diamonds latest version


Game currency of the Club of Romance

In the game for mobile phones Romance Club two types of gaming Currencies: diamonds and tea. Their function is no different from a number of others. games. For currency, we can buy game values, as well as bonus series. If tea or diamonds run out, we can buy them at game store.

Diamonds in the game

Diamonds in the game Club Romance

To do this, we need a ready-made Google Pay account with a linked by credit card. The developers have no other payment methods yet. provided.

The game is humane to the players and does not require buying currency in the latter version. You can go through any of the series you like without the “real”. Since the system helps us collect diamonds and tea during the whole game. There are different ways to get money in Club Romance for free. You will also learn about them later.

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Where to download the diamond mod

Hacked game opens up great opportunities for us. After installation mod we no longer need to worry about money or their no account. In fashion there are enough of them to go through all the series with additional plots and without spending real money. Modified game must be installed manually. It means, that you need to download the APK package from the specified site and install on your mobile device.

If you do not know how to do this, now we will tell you about it we will tell:

  1. First of all, you need to make sure that your Android smartphone allows you to install applications from the Internet;
  2. Open your smartphone’s settings. The icon is in the main menu, looks like a gear;

    Select gear icon

    Select the gear icon in Android

  3. Next, find the item “Security” or “Protection” and select his;
  4. Find the line “Unknown sources” and put on it a tick.

    Installing applications on Android

    Allow installation from unknown sources

Thus we will be able to download and Install applications from a Google Play store on your smartphone. Next, you need to visit this site and find the link “Download hacked Club of Romance “.


Click on the Download button

Click the “Download” button. When the latest version is downloaded, its can be found in the “Download” folder through the file manager mobile device.

Open folder

Open the “Download” folder on Android

Run the file and confirm the installation of the game.

How to get a lot of diamonds in the Romance Club

The game Club of Romance, like any other, has domestic currency. Its value is often compared. with the value of real money. After all, for a while it is very necessary to the players. The creators of communities on VKontakte and others know this. social networks.

In contact with

Group games on VK

They need popularity, we play currency in the Romance Club. By interacting with them, we can get what we need. A now to the details.

You need to follow this link where the correspondence with bot in VK.

Bot on VKontakte

Correspondence from bots in VK

Type the word “Crystals” on the virtual keyboard. In reply A welcome message will immediately come, where the bot responds to the text and promises to help with game currency in the Club of Romance itself latest version. Select the green “How to execute” button below. tasks on the phone “or” … on the computer. ”

Ask the bot a question

Select the green button at the bottom of the screen.

The bot will immediately send instructions in the message what needs to be done. After each assignment you receive at your own expense a certain amount of game money. Nor will it be necessary Download mod for a lot of diamonds.


Quest conditions for diamonds

In order for you to be able to transfer game currency, you need game Score. Without it, it is impossible to transfer funds to your account. Therefore, it is important to know where it is located.

For this:

  1. From the main screen of the game, select the gear at the top;

    Press the gear

    Click the gear at the top of the eran

  2. In the menu, select the “Tools” button;

    Press on

    Click on the “Tools” button

  3. The UID line will contain the identifier of your Club profile Romance

    UID games

    Copy the UID of the game

To transfer it, copy or write separately to a notebook. You will also need it if you win the competition or the draw diamonds in the VK group.

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Can I hack the latest version of the game Club Romance

In addition to modified versions, there are other non-traditional methods for producing diamonds and tea. It must also be said that fashion will not always be working. Since patches for the game and violate the whole structure of a hacked game. Therefore much more effective apply tricks and various ways to speed up getting a game currencies in the Club of Romance – a lot of crystals, diamonds and tea in the most latest version.

The developers of the game in their VKontakte group claimed that time transfer on a mobile device can cause errors upon receipt of bonuses. Although actually this hack works and Today. This has been noticed repeatedly by various bloggers on YouTube We hope about the daily bonuses in the game Romance Club no one needs to be told. This feature appears below. game screen every couple of hours. We watch advertising – we receive diamonds and tea, everything is simple.

View Ads for Diamonds

View ads for diamonds in the game

But few people know that by transferring time, we can get valuable reward for viewing ads without waiting. Before this procedure You need to view ads and get a bonus.

The following is done:

  1. Again, select the button on the main screen of the phone “Settings”;
  2. Go to the “Date and Time” section;

    Open the “Date and time” in your phone’s settings

  3. We translate the current time of the phone 2 hours ahead;
  4. We return to the game and select the bonus at the bottom of the screen.

Diamonds for viewing ads

Diamonds for watching ads in the game

We watch the videos and get the reward again. Do this procedure as many times as you need to collect diamonds. This trick can be done not only with time, but also with date. In this case, not will have to download the mod file.

Select an action

Select the desired action.

If there are any problems, the time transfer will not be influence bonuses, try changing the clock not forward, but backward. You can also rearrange the date back and forth.

Getting endless amounts of tea without mods at Romance Club

Tea or coffee, in general, the currency with cups in the game is earned different ways.

Ways: Features:
Bonus from the developers. The developers provide us with free tea every three hours in In the event that there is not one in our account.
View ads. With a zero balance of tea in your profile, it drops out as bonuses for viewing ads.
Shopping at the store. Without waiting for free bonuses, each player can purchase game values ​​in the game store.

There is also another completely legal way to make money right away a large number of diamonds in the Club of Romance. They are very come in handy in those episodes that you want to read completely. Before the rest of the queue may not reach.


Victor Van Art

So let’s use them and get the benefit out of it. For every the first series of game developers reward us well – we we get as many as 10 diamonds. But this only happens once You watch your favorite series.

Play all the first episodes

Play all the first series to get diamonds

Open the rest and browse through them one by one the first series, to get diamonds. Then you can spend them on your discretion. Since these gems are not fixed for any series, but can be used in the game in the latest version in whole.

Diamonds will be deleted if the game is deleted?

If under some circumstances a game is playing on your device (with or without a mod) will be deleted, then the gameplay, as well as game currency will remain unharmed. All property assigned to a Google account (or other system, in depending on the one you chose during registration).


Account Login

If you change your account on the device, then you will need register in the Club of Romance again. And all the money and progress will remain on the old account.

Game money

Game Money Club Romance

To avoid any troubles with your game, do not leave mobile device unattended. Since children or loved ones relatives may accidentally delete the game. Or intentionally squander game money, which then will not work back. Unless again you will need to download the Romance Club with a mod to get a lot diamonds in the latest version.

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