Club Romance Queen passage in 30 days – 1,2,3,4 season


The passage of season 1 Queen in 30 days

The game begins with a conversation between two girls, in which one invites another for a hot party in High Line.

The heroine is going to a party

The heroine is going to a party in the Queen in 30 days

Further actions for passing depend on the player of the Club Romantics, choose a party trip to get started Adventures. Then a selection of hats and wigs appears.

Choose a hat

Choose a party hat

We need to prepare for the evening event and choose the head one. the dress. And a friend helps us hard in this. Over time we are already climbing the High Line iron stairs to that very the party.

Girlfriends have fun on the dance floor until your girlfriend lays an eye on a handsome bartender. Each time the game provides us a choice of developments. It may be completely unexpected. for us. And now that our main character is left alone in 1 season, the crowd throws a young guy who accidentally offends elbow glass with a drink of the heroine.

The guy from the crowd

A guy who suddenly appears from the crowd

Everything results in a wonderful dress of the Queen in 30 Days. We are even invited to choose a character that is awkward invites to get acquainted.

It may be a young but strong blonde guy. Or mysterious brunette – the choice is the player. Whoever he is, he will certainly offer you to atone for your guilt. And removed to bring a new drink. Young people get to know each other more about friend. After which they remain alone near the Statue of Liberty. In the end in the evening, the girl leaves her number to the guy.

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Answers for season 2 of the Club of Romance

A game from the Club of the Romance Club series – The Queen in 30 days begins with that the main character wakes up in her pastel.

The main character's breakfast

The main character’s breakfast in season 2 of series 1

A tray with breakfast appears near her bedside table, near which ricky beasts rushing around. Which also requires its part breakfast. Our friend cooked and brought breakfast. For food girls discuss the upcoming contest, which annually wins one and the same participant. The girls decide to move her from this pedestal and win the competition. But you still need a lot work: prepare yourself, choose a dress.

Girlfriends in season 2 go to a familiar fashion designer Sebastian, so that he helps with the choice of attire for the contest.

Dialogue with Sebastian

Dialogue with fashion designer Sebastian

And here they find a stunning dress that everyone likes and Ideal for the intended purpose. You also need to choose color for the dress in the season “Queen in 30 days”.

Dress Selection

Choosing a dress for GG

But it will not affect the gameplay, just like you.


Dialogue with Simon

After some conversations with her friend, as well as with the little boy during the main character decides to go through the courtyard, where she hears a conversation two guys.

The conversation of two guys

Conversation of two guys in the room

They are trying to hide or pack something. You enter the room with voices (if you choose it according to the plot).

When Jessica enters (with a knock), she sees Adam in her and Richard, a friend I met at a party in first season.

Unexpected meeting

An unexpected meeting with Richard

Turns out they couldn’t handle the gun, which in no way I didn’t want to holster my uniform. In the palace of Jessica and Adam met to talk. She tells the girl that they are with Richard are good friends. And friends should not quarrel over the girls. Dress contest you can go in the next series “Queen in 30 days.”

Features passing 3 seasons

All seasons (1, 2, 3, 4) and the passage of the game Club Romantics are so fascinating that you want to know the plot does not come off on extraneous matters. But in 1 day it’s not done really. In the third season, you are again discussing with two guys current situation.

1 episode of the third season

1 episode of the third season of the Queen in 30 Days

Adam reports that someone hired a hitman to take you away the roads. At the beginning of the series you will again need to choose clothes for upcoming adventures.

Richard talks about the situation

Richard talks about the situation

After which you and Adam leave for his car in the stable.

On an earthen road, a couple finds a necklace of jewelry, but not can understand where it came from. To find out its origin the main character goes with a companion to Chenuto, a local jeweler.

In the jewelry shop

In the jewelry store at Chenuto

Suspicions of the attempt fall on Louise, as a jeweler tells the couple that the jewel belongs to a famous family. Then the couple goes in search of Louise. And find her on park bench.

Conversation with Louise

Conversation with Louise near the park bench

Between people a conversation ensues. Next, a couple will try ask Julia perhaps the necklace belongs to her.

But none of the girls in The Queen in 30 Days shows that they know the necklace. The heroine and her bodyguard conclude that it still once hung on Louise’s neck. After a few replicas the main character is in a room with Louise.

Open conversation

Open conversation with Louise

They talk in season 3 through the coffee table on which lies a gun. In order not to be killed and not to replay the plot заново, нужно выбрать “Warn Adam” .

Предупредить Адама

Select “Warn Adam”

Other answers will cause the woman to fire a bullet at the main character of the Club of Romance.

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Queen season 4 game in 30 days at the Romance Club

The fourth season of the Club of Romance, developers have not yet released. There are various rumors about this game. Some say the third the season was final. That it can even be tracked by plot. Others say that there will be more to come. And we can play 4 Queen in 30 days season. Since many players are sure that this is one of the best games in the Romance Club series. But for now, news this is not even in the VKontakte group on the game’s official page –

As soon as the game appears, you can find out about the plot and its passing on our website. Remember to sign up for VK group news. A variety of contests in which you can get diamonds and tea for free in your profile.

Winners of the competition

Contest winners in VKontakte group

Each draw presents more than 500 participants who managed to register for the queen in 30 days contest.

Help on passing game levels

Today the Club of Romance beats all the ratings of mobile games in its genre. These interesting stories are heavily discussed on forums in comments on the game, as well as in the VK group.

References: Description If you have already gone through some part of the story and would like to see, for example, other guys you could choose in at the beginning – look at this page. Here are the guys in different stories, in different clothes and in different situations. You can also find everyone other characters of the game “Queen in 30 days.” Here are other elements of the game that may also be GG selected.

All elements of the game

All elements of the game in the VK group

Look at possible outfits, hairstyles, makeup that you can was apply on your character. In this public can be found a lot of useful information. For example, how much you need to spend diamonds per series, how much GG clothes cost, as well as the temptation of guys, what skills you could get and more.

Game Information

Information about the Queen in 30 Days game

A way to get a lot of diamonds for the Romance Club

Although the Club of Romance is a free game, it is still it is necessary to have a certain amount for fast passage game currency constantly. The main money in the game Queen for 30 days “- diamonds. We can earn them for free per view advertising. But if you cheat a little, you can get significantly more diamonds for your profile. Try changing the system time for 2 hours (move forward), as the possibility An ad viewer appears thirty hours later.

Diamonds for advertising

Get diamonds for watching ads

If this approach doesn’t help you view your ads again, try setting the time back 2 hours. Pick this up way as many diamonds as possible. To go through all seasons (1, 2, 3 and 4) “Queen in 30 days” in a fascinating application Club Romance

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