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What is COM Surrogate responsible for

Illustration of COM Surrogate Error

COM Surrogate Error Illustration

What is COM Surrogate? You should not immediately panic, as COM Surrogate is not a malicious application, but one of operating system components. It is necessary for COM + processes performed correctly in IIS. It is also necessary for the functioning of some programs, especially those that use the .NET libraries.

What Crashes in COM Surrogate Can Harm

Since an appropriate program is necessary for functioning of many applications, then its emergency shutdown leads to disruptions in the work of these programs.

Some of them may crash during use, others – do not open at all, others – work stably until moment until a certain function is activated in them. IN in general, the behavior of programs on a computer will be difficult to predict. Therefore, it’s better not to put off the solution to the problem, but do it immediately after detection. I think you understand what it is isCOM Surrogate, now let’s talk about fixing the error.

How to get rid of COM Surrogate error

The most common cause of COM Surrogate errors is that some applications misuse computer resources. Therefore, the problem is not in COM Surrogate, but in the code of third-party applications, who use it.


Method 1: In this regard, it almost always helps updating applications using the program in question to current version. After that, the problem should disappear.

Method 2: Another way is to install ban for COM Surrogate on-line data management memory. To do this you need:

  1. Go to the Start menu
  2. Open the “Control Panel”, in which you will need to click on “System Properties” (“System” in Windows 7 and higher);
  3. In the window that appears, select “Advanced” (or “Advanced options” for 7+);
  4. Under “performance” click on “Prevention data execution “;
  5. A window will open in which you need to check the box “Enable DEP for all checkboxes for all services except selected “;
  6. Click the “add” button and write in a special field: “C: \ Windows \ System32 \ dllhost.exe”;
  7. Apply a new configuration.

After performing these steps, the problem should disappear, and even It will not be necessary to update applications.

By the way, the process is responsible for the operation of COM Surrogate dllhost.exe. If suddenly the problem is not related to abnormal termination of the program, but with excessive load processor and a significant amount of occupied RAM the corresponding process, the two above methods are most often allow you to get rid of the voiced problem.

What is not worth doing?

Process dllhost.exe

If COM Surrogate is a nuisance, then by no means you should delete the dllhost.exe file. This will cause other mistakes, even more serious. Withdrawal of relevant processes, in turn, will not resolve the problem, so as after a few minutes or after a reboot the problem will return.

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