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Cheats on

Unfortunately, cheats on are now quite few, and if those appear, then the developers quickly fix Gaps in game functionality that allow cheats to function. Also, viruses often hide under cheats, and when activated, “cheats” you get some kind of trojan on your computer or advertising program (adware).

Sometimes under

Sometimes under the “cheats” for games ordinary viruses hide

The current cheat mod on

There is now one valid cheat for For his full work, you need first install a special extension for your browser, allowing this mod to function.

  • For Chrome, install Tampermonkey;
  • For Opera, install Tampermonkey;
  • For Firefox, install Greasemonkey.

Now go to the resource and click on the button “Download now” below, the functionality of this cheat will be added to your browser.

To activate the cheat, click on the “Tab” button, to exit its settings click on Escape.

  • Pressing Shift + F activates the FPS count;
  • the “Z” button is responsible for the background;
  • X button removes edges;
  • V button shows colored edges;
  • button “B” will hide the display of scored points players;
  • the “N” button hides the names of players;
  • button “M” restores the basic value of health;
  • button “G” activates the green form of the model.

Use this mod for

Use this mod for cheat at level 45

A rather active advertisement was also found on the network. called “cheat for at level 45”, allowing immediately reach level 45 in the game. To activate this cheat you need install it on your computer (the cheat itself is presented as executable exe-file), go to the game server, click three times F9, you will appear on the game screen with the already existing 45 level.

Video cheat:

This cheat is a malware that is usually blocked antivirus software on your PC! Do not install it I recommend it because you can add various malicious programs to your PC programs!

Mod for playing with friends

If you want to play with your friends, then the network also has an extension for the Google Chrome browser, Adding a special ID to a specific server. So you can find the server you and your friends need, and play there with each other.

You can download this mod in the Google Chrome store.

Try this extension to play with friends

Try this extension to play with friends


The network has several cheats for, most of which are fakes or virus programs. Recommend use the mod I talked about above, as well as improve your gaming skills in – play without cheats sometimes it turns out to be more exciting than with them.

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