Dolby Atmos what is it in a movie theater and the telephone


The story of the appearance of Dolby

The history of Dolby begins in 1964 in New York. Her founded by engineer Ray Dolby. The company later moved to San Francisco. The world first learned of Dolby in 1971. At that time a noise reduction system appears in tape recordings. IN next year, the company demonstrates the optical method sound recordings on a film.

In 1975, the company creates Dolby Stereo analog technology. It already has 4 sound channels. They contain the right, left channels – for music. The central channel for speech or dialogue, as well as the fourth channel – surround (Surround). The latter may complement sound track by atmospheric or background sounds. The maximum Dolby received publicity with the release of the film “Star war “in 1977.

Dolby company logo

Dolby logo today

When the director of the film said that the continuation is already at that moment popular movie will be shot with Dolby Stereo, technology became interested in all cinemas in America. And if at that time everything about 50 movie theaters in the US had Dolby support, then after the release a new episode of Star Wars movies with technology could see everywhere.

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What is Dolby Atmos at the cinema?

For the first time, the creators of Dolby Atmos presented their development in Dolby Theater (in Los Angeles) in 2012. First film that used new technology, became Braveheart created Pixar Studio. Atmos in terms of sound track organization is a revolutionary discovery. According to the conditions, the sound is not based on channels, and on sound objects. Thus a new The term is “sound object”. This is the sound that comes from a certain scene in the film.

Dolby Theater

Dolby Theater

Detecting sound objects on a TV or phone is very simple: noise of car engine work, man scream, explosion.

The sound of a passing car

The sound of a passing car in a movie

Each individual sound of the scene is a sound object. So therefore, it’s easier for sound engineers to work with Dolby Atmos sound. FROM technology is much easier to determine where the source is sound. And how he will move in the frame of the film. By time, as in a normal sound scheme, the director must determine from which column this or that sound will come out.

Cinema with Dolby

Cinema with Dolby Sound

Applying Dolby Atmos, a group of movie makers focus only on what will happen on the screen. For example, for what the trajectory will be moved by a helicopter that flew into the air. Not depending on where the Dolby Atmos system is installed, the sound is accurate distributed as the sound engineer wanted. Difference between the usual sound and sound in a movie with DA cannot be overlooked. is he striking a hearing in a movie theater by moving objects in space. You you can hear the helicopter flying exactly over your film head.

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Technology features

We learned that Dolby Atmos has changed the way it implements sound in movie, making it object-oriented. Due to this voice background sounds, explosions and shots do not mix in one stream sound, and are regulated by objects. Technology supports up to 128 sounds in real time. Can be adjusted in each of streams: volume, adjust effects (each), adjust quality etc.


Home cinema speaker layout

In some cases, the application of technology is not justified. For example, in scenes where mostly background and minor sounds. Dolby also allows you to work with ordinary sound channels. Which do not need spatial coding. To work with DA sound, you do not need to buy a special equipment in cinemas. The existing one will fit perfectly. But You need to buy a special receiver. And also hold calibration for him.


Dolby Atmos Home Theater Sound Circulation Plan

And if the owners are interested in the best possible conditions for playing Dolby Atmos in a movie theater – recommended also purchase ceiling speakers.

The path of sound passage

Sound path in ceiling speakers

They must be placed parallel to the rear or rear. Significantly improve the sound quality in films with Dolby Atmos additional subwoofers. You can add equipment gradually, determining its necessity in a particular case.

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What does Dolby Atmos mean for home cinema?

Home theater owners can enjoy DA at home conditions. This format may be suitable for viewing even in inappropriate conditions: small rooms, not enough speakers and Other technology can be implemented on 8-channel systems. You just need to buy a receiver with Dolby Atmos. In some moment You can complement your speaker system with ceiling speakers and subwoofers. If you do not have enough spatial sound.

For satisfactory sound quality with Dolby Atmos, you can use the following 11.2 configuration:

  • 2 front speakers;
  • 2 upper front speakers,
  • center subwoofer (or two);
  • rear subwoofer (or two);
  • 2 ceiling speakers.

This is not all that Dolby Atmos is capable of. She can deploy to 34 speakers. Thus, in cinemas up to 50 columns can be set for full disclosure atmospheric sound.

Features Dolby Atmos in the phone

In modern smartphones, Dolby Atmos technology is not implemented completely. The external speaker of the device is physically unable to transmit atmospheric movement of objects. But in the headphones moving sound well implemented. We can fix and define the passage of sound objects in space. Of course, Headphone sound technology is far from movie sound in a movie theater. But the basic principles of DA technology in the smartphone are implemented.

Watching a movie with Dolby Atmos

Watching a movie with Dolby Atmos on a smartphone

On most Dolby Atmos mobile phone models adjustable in settings. You can choose modes, choose sources where technology and more will be active. IN settings, you can also choose one of several smart equalizers. You can configure each of them manually. Can enable or disable audio virtualization, which can add volume.

Dolby Atmos in Settings

Dolby Atmos in smartphone settings

But in some cases it can be a hindrance to recognition speech. Virtualization does not apply to external speakers.

Smartphone with Dolby Atmos

Smartphone with Dolby Atmos Sound

Many flagship mobile devices equipped with Dolby Atmosphere.

Devices: Features:
Samsung Galaxy 9 / S9, Galaxy S8 The technology is implemented at the highest level.
Other devices If you do not have the technology, you can install the mod.

It is worth considering that hacking leads to loss of warranty coupon. And there are also risks to harm the built-in speakers (speakers) that are not intended to be played sound from stereo.

Dolby Atmos Movies

If you see Dolby Atmos on the poster or elsewhere, it means that you have the opportunity to get the maximum emotions from the film. Similar cinemas are equipped with large the number of speakers that deftly supervise the sound, delivering them to your ears in better quality. The cinema should have certificate from Dolby that their room is at least minimal corresponds to the implementation of this technology.

Dolby Atmos in movie theaters and mobile phones make the sound better, which means that it will be more voluminous and interesting. Its presence is an indisputable advantage for any movie.

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