Echo in the phone during a conversation – how to remove?


What is echo in the phone?

Many people are aware of such a phenomenon as echoes. Echo is the sound which returns to the speaker on the smartphone. Or sound a wave that reflects like a ball from any obstacle that is not can overcome. It is divided into two types: single and multiple. A single echo has one wave, a multiple echo has many waves. Echo has a speed equal to sound – 340 meters per second (about). After reflection, the speed of the waves is lost. it especially noticeable when it subsides.

Sound waves

Sound waves in the phone

All recording studios, as well as rooms in which radio reports are conducted, isolated by soft material and often with ribbed surface. This allows you to dampen the reflective property. sound, scatter it around the room. As well as absorb. Often such the upholstery of the rooms has a diamond-shaped soft appearance.

Methods of fighting operators with echoes in the mobile the telephone

You need to immediately clarify that a phenomenon such as echo is the usual behavior of sound in space. And especially – voices on distance. Our voice when communicating by phone is transmitted to large distances and in different videos: analog and digital. Any of these signals takes a certain amount of time to send our voice to another device. And in some cases, the distance is direct affects the clarity of the echo in our smartphones.

If you ask our parents, grandparents, then it turns out that the echo was a constant companion of the telephone conversation of those times.

Talking on the phone

Talking on a landline phone

But these were minor deviations from the norm. Therefore, if and it was, there wasn’t much discomfort during the negotiations on wired telephone. With the advent of mobile devices, voice in the phone has become much better than in the analog phone. A clear voice does not appear out of nowhere. To achieve good result, operators are forced to buy expensive equipment to clean it.

Such a signal goes through several stages of processing. Are applied special echo suppressor. But even the presence of such devices does not always mean that the signal may be completely cleared. Since the equipment requires careful configuration. And adaptation for each new session. But even such equipment powerless in front of a faulty mobile device.

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Because of what we hear an echo in when talking on a smartphone

In mobile devices, the echo is divided into 2 types: acoustic and linear. Line echo is obtained by attaching electrical circuit to wire lines.


Wired Telephone Lines

Acoustic – appears due to the fact that the reproduced sound speaker, can get into the reader or microphone. So, when we talk into the handset of our phone, on the other at the end, sound may enter the microphone. And our speech will be returning to our phone with our voice the interlocutor.


Echo in mobile phone

It follows two reasons for the echo in the mobile phone. The first is the speaker and microphone in one phone case are not equipped with hermetically sealed. This may be due to breaking insulating components. For example, as a result of the phone falling to the floor or in other cases of technical damage. The second reason is the phone the interlocutor is put on speakerphone. Loud voice from speaker falls into the microphone your interlocutor speaks into. And you hear echo of your voice.

These are not all the reasons why an echo may appear when conversation. There is a possibility that the sound conducts well from the speaker to microphone cover of your smartphone. If there is a gap or slight the space between the case and the cover material. There are others reasons that are due to the technical nuances of processing signal. For example, an echo may be due to the fact that you You are not far from the cell tower.

Base station

Base Station Mobile Operator

And when you switch the signal from it to another “cell” can similar anomalies occur.

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How to remove echo when calling

It is impossible to determine the reasons for the occurrence with absolute accuracy echo effect in a mobile device. But still determine malfunction is likely. Make sure your friend or the interlocutor on the other end did not activate the speakerphone on his apparatus. If you do not have this option, call another to the subscriber. Or even a few. If with them mobile communication without any deviations, echoes, failures – it means still your first the interlocutor spoke with you on the speakerphone. As a result own voice came back to you.

Turn off the speakerphone

Turn off the speakerphone on your mobile phone

If the echo during a conversation appears with all subscribers, Try removing the case and other accessories.

Phone in a case

Mobile phone in a case

So that the device does not interfere. And repeat the call. Necessary try to reduce the sound on your smartphone. And restart the phone by turning it off for a few minutes. Call to your operator’s number or to technical support. Ask from operator about the current number. Maybe now the company is conducting engineering works. And an echo in your phone directly with this connected.

If the echo effect occurs in a specific place, it may indicate that there is a problem with the operator’s equipment. The base station may have failed. These details also can be clarified by calling the hot line of your mobile the operator. Often this happens when you call from a mobile phone to home or landline. At the same time unpleasant an echo during a conversation can occur in different directions: if you call from mobile to home or from home to mobile.

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Echo in a mobile phone – are they listening to me?

It is believed that the echo in our mobile devices when conversation means that we are being watched or eavesdropped. If you if you work for special services, then perhaps it is. In the rest cases – this is unlikely. But still this option is impossible exclude. For example, your loved ones can follow you. And cases motivated by marital jealousy – the most frequent.

Communication by phone

Mobile Phone Communication

If your spouse does not trust you, then the following signs may mean that your phone is being monitored:

Signs: Explanation:
The phone runs out quickly Without any special reason, the battery in the smartphone is clearly discharges faster. The battery may also become very hot.
The device takes a long time to boot Long shutting down or turning on your smartphone may also mean that it has spyware installed.
The mobile phone is behaving strangely Another clear sign of spying on your mobile device when the phone lives its own life. He can himself turn off when the charge indicator is 87%. Or suddenly run some application or even open SMS. Before suspect your smartphone of spyware, you need it check for viruses.
There are strange sounds Inexplicable sounds can talk about listening connecting to a conversation with a subscriber. This is the sound of a faint gurgle clicks, crackles. As well as fuzzy echo sounds.

Listening to a Mobile Phone

Listening to a Mobile Phone by Third Parties

Summing up, we can say that the most common the cause of the echo in your mobile phone while talking is Speakerphone. How to remove it on your own device, we think you can figure it out. If your device does not have a speakerphone communication, then ask to turn off her interlocutor. If this continues, contact technical service for help.

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