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What is an ePacket?

In 2011, the US Postal Service announced an agreement with Hongkong Post and eBay China eBay Inc, an online retailer). The subject of which was the creation of a new fast delivery service mail, working with packages of small sizes, light weight, and moderate cost. This service is called “ePacket” (short for “electronic” and “packet” – in translation “electronic packet”). And, as follows from its name, it is intended primarily for electronic commerce, work with online stores and online auctions, allowing pretty quickly to deliver purchased by the buyer product.

Among the merits

Among the advantages of ePacket are speed of delivery and accuracy. tracking by tracking number

The American experience has been successful, and now the service “ePacket” works in more than 30 countries, including Russia and Ukraine, and Among the sites directly working with “ePacket” are eBay, AliExpress, and Oberlo. Further in the article I I’ll tell you how to track a package sent by ePacket.

The “ePacket” is being implemented due to the agreement between the leading postal services of countries between which contracts are concluded on ePacket support. For example, in China, it could be the “China Post” and in the Russian Federation – Russian Post. Parcel from China is often sent with using the “China Post EMS”, it will quickly bypass China, delivered to Russia, and the Russian Post is already working with it.


Distribution of “ePacket” began with its successful implementation in USA

Features of “ePacket”

This service allows you to not only deliver quite quickly goods to the buyer, but also track delivery using tracking numbers. In this case, work with “ePacket” is usually limited to a number requirements, among which the maximum length of the mail package is not more than 60 cm, parcel weight no more than 2 kg, and declared value The package should not be higher than 400 US dollars.

According to customer reviews, packages sent using “ePacket”, come intact, not rumpled, preserving the presentation, which adds popularity to the specified service.

If your 13-digit tracking number starts with Latin letters – “LM”, it means that your package was sent using “ePacket”.


Choose ePacket in Delivery Types

How to track “ePacket” in Russian?

To track packages sent using ePacket, there are a sufficient number of services, both English-speaking and Russian speakers. Let’s consider some of them:

  1. Site “Russian Post”. This site is well tracked ePacket parcels located in Russia;
  2. Resource aliexpress-shoping.ru offers the opportunity Track packages sent using ePacket. Enough go to the site, enter your tracking code in a special window, and click “Track”;
  3. The Russian-language servicetrack24.ru also allows Track AliExpress parcels shipped from China. Website offers the user registration, due to which the user gets the ability to track changes in status your order in the form of notifications about this by e-mail;
  4. Independent Service 17track.net also allows you to track Parcels from China by tracking number. Service functionality supports also a Russian interface, therefore, for Russian-speaking users with work with the service should not have any problems;
  5. You can also use the English site ems.com.cn, in which is the primary information provided carrier company (it is convenient to track the parcel located on territory of China).

    Track24.ru service allows you to track packages from China

    Track24.ru service allows you to track packages from China

In addition, on our website you can read about services tracking packages sent using SF eParcel, Yanwen Economic Air Mail “, and” China Post Registered Airmail “(link to the latest material will appear a bit later).


The ePacket mail service is fast, convenient and inexpensive a tool capable of delivering the package to the buyer in a fairly short time. When choosing a shipping method on “AliExpress” I recommend choosing this particular method – he proved his practicality and performance in many leading countries of the world.

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