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The essence and causes of dysfunction in Sony Bravia

Usually error 2200 occurs when trying to connect to the network Internet, or already during the operation of such a connection, when it suddenly disappears.

The causes of the error 2200 specialists “Sony” consider:

  • Internet connection issues (missing or working unstable);
  • High congestion on your local network (high traffic);
  • Exposure to external electronic devices causing interference in Networks
  • Problems with Sony servers (caused, inter alia, by actions Roskomnadzor).

Most Sony Bravia owners encounter an error 2200 when you launch the YouTube application on this TV when the TV signals an error 2200. In other cases, when watching a video on YouTube, it suddenly disappears, and the user observes a message about the specified error.

How to fix error 2200

Since for the domestic user error 2200 on Sony Bravia “in many cases is associated with the activities of Roskomnadzor, it will often be enough just to wait a while (usually up to a couple of days). During this time, Roskomnadzor itself usually releases non-Telegram related addresses network tools, and their work is restored to full volume.

Alternatively, do the following:

  • Turn off your router or modem for 1 minute, and then turn them on back. Wait at least 5 minutes for your router to recover. normal internet connection;
  • Unplug your TV from the outlet, and then plug it back, it can help solve the error 2200 on Sony Bravia;
  • Test your internet connection and check your network status (must be “OK”). This is done by clicking on the button. “Home” on the remote, and selecting “Settings” – “Network” (Network) – “Network Setup” – “View Network setting and status “(Configuring network connection) -” Check Connection ” (check connection) – “Yes”. If the test result is not “OK,” then your internet connection is incorrect and Needs appropriate configuration;

    With a stable connection, the status should be

    With a stable connection, the status should be “OK”.

  • Use public server addresses from Google. Click on the remote control “Home” button, then “Settings” – “System Settings” – “Settings” – “Network” – “Network settings” – “Network settings connections “-” Specialist. “Enter the following public addresses CSN:

addr1Then you need to update the Internet content. Click “Home” on the remote, and follow the path “Settings” – “System Settings “-” Settings “-” Network “-” Update Internet content “;

Write the following DNS addresses

Write the following DNS addresses

  • Set the correct date and time. Go to settings of your TV and set the correct date and time. For example, to set the clock, click on “HOME”, then select “Settings”. Select “System Preferences” – “Clock / Timers” – “Set. Hours.”

Also make sure the option “Accept network / carrier time broadcast “is not involved.

  • If you are using a wireless Wi-Fi connection, then try using as an alternative Internet connection via Ethernet cable;
  • Update your software version. Like this to do, you can see on the site;
  • Reset your TV to factory settings. Despite the radicalism of such a decision, according to user reviews it ineffective.


Error 2200 in Sony Bravia TVs is due to problems with network connection, and in the case of a domestic user, usually caused by problems with Sony servers, whose normal operation in in some cases it is violated by Roskomnadzor. Recommended use the tips listed above (paying particular attention to changing DNS server addresses and setting the correct date and time), they will help get rid of error 2200 on your Sony Bravia.

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