Error code c101a006 on Windows Phone – how to to fix?


Causes of error code c101a006

Users of smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1 began to notice that Error loading apps from Microsoft Store c101a006. At the same time, the program can be downloaded, and the notification arises at that moment when installation has to take place. Also some applications are downloaded and installed without any problems in general. Regarding the eighth version of the mobile OS from Microsoft, developers strongly recommend switching to newer Windows Mobile 10. Although the completion of support for her inevitably.


Windows Mobile Support Completion

Updates for Windows Phone 8.1 stopped coming back in 2017 year. And in the current 2019, Microsoft is doing everything to gather everyone its users on one platform – Windows Mobile Wikipedia tells us that Microsoft also banned application owners download updates for the eighth version of the mobile OS in Microsoft Store This means that very soon we will not be able to use applications on their phones. If we do not upgrade to the top ten. AND There is no way to fix this.


Quote from Wikipedia

Smartphone users with Windows Phone 8.1 may experience problems of work of other services, in addition to error c101a006. For example, creating a backup in the cloud. But for now, the owners Microsoft platforms didn’t completely block our access to the market, You can try to fix the problem in simple ways.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store Interface

Errors can also be caused by temporary problems on service servers, which also happens often.

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Fix boot problems in Microsoft Store

Try restarting your smartphone and trying to download again attachment. This time (if you have already done a reboot) Do not rush to turn on the smartphone immediately. Wait a few minutes then turn it on.

Reboot smartphone

Rebooting a smartphone with Windows Phone

Try logging into your Microsoft account again. If after the exit you can not log in – mean the assumptions about server problems are confirmed. Maybe you need to wait some time until the servers again work in your area. Try again in 1-2 hours.

Check the date and time on your Windows Phone. If they don’t match your time zone for some reason – this may cause a notification with code c101a006 at Microsoft Store

Time on the phone

Windows Phone Time

In the default settings, synchronization settings are set. time with server. To configure it, just turn on Mobile Internet or connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Clock and date should be configured automatically. If the parameters synchronization is off, you have to install it manually.

In some situations, errors can be avoided with a new account. You can create it in a couple of minutes on this page.

Create a new account

Create a new Microsoft account

For well-known reasons, most foreign European services and companies refuse to provide their services Russian users. Because of what some applications after Installing on a smartphone can determine that its owner is living on the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, after some time occurs block further installation. And we see the problem at number c101a006 in their phones with Windows Phone.

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Change the region in Windows Phone to fix the error

To successfully install a program or game on your mobile phone with Windows, sometimes it is necessary to change the region of residence. You do not need VPN or other similar applications for this. programs.

Setting up smartphones with Microsoft operating system is easy allow us to do this:

  1. Open your Windows Phone settings in the menu;

    Open Settings

    Open the settings in your Windows Phone

  2. Find the line with the name “Region” here;

    Select line

    Select the row with the name “Region”

  3. Select “Russia” (if installed by default) in List any other country. Try to choose one of South or North American countries


    Select “Russia” in the settings

  4. After choosing another country, your smartphone will require a reboot. Under the name of the country is a button by clicking which the device will reboot and the settings will take effect.

    Enter a different country

    Specify another country as a region

After rebooting, try to enter the store and download application that caused error c101a006. Or try provoke it in the smartphone by running the application. Even after of such settings, the Microsoft Store language will remain Russian, including menu items, settings and application name.

Reset to factory defaults when a notification occurs with code c101a006

By learning to reset the settings on your smartphone, you can decide c101a006 complex and critical errors in a Windows Phone phone. This process will help to return those parameters that were in device at the time of purchase in the store. You also need to consider that in it will delete all applications, games and settings. The memory of the smartphone will also be erased completely. therefore photos, videos, important data must be transferred in advance to safe place.

For this:

  1. Open your phone’s settings;

    Open phone settings

    Open your phone settings with Windows Phone

  2. Далее найдите пункт Device Information и выберите;

    Сведения об устройстве

    Select “Device Information”

  3. В этом окне нажмите на кнопку “Reset” .

    Сброс настроек

    Click on the “Reset Settings” button

In special cases, there is no way to reset the settings from software menu phone. Of in such a situation there are also exit.

You need to reset to Windows Phone with just one button on the case:

  1. When the phone is on, hold down two buttons at the same time – screen lock button and volume down button. Keep them need 10 to 15 seconds. Release button lock and continue to hold down the volume down button need after vibration;

    Press the buttons to enter the mode

    Press the buttons to enter the reset mode.

  2. An exclamation mark should appear on the phone screen. it means that the smartphone is waiting for the next combination;

    Consecutive button presses

    Press buttons to reset settings

  3. You must press the volume up button, decrease volume, screen lock button, decrease button volume.

After these steps, the phone vibrates, and appears on the screen smartphone manufacturer logo.


Nokia logo on the phone screen

In most cases, Windows Phone is installed on phones Nokia, Lumia Series. Gears will also appear on the screen, which indicate resetting the system and returning it to previous working condition.

Phone settings

Phone settings when you first start the system

This process will take a couple of minutes or more, depending on the amount of data you set in memory.

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Other Ways to Fix a Windows Phone Problem

On a phone with Windows, sometimes you can solve the problem using substitution of a valid date. Try changing the time to a year or two back. Then again go to the market and try Download the app. Others may interfere with Microsoft Store running applications on the system.

Applications on the smartphone

Applications on Nokia Smartphone

It is recommended that you turn them all off and then try again. download a game or program. Check your smartphone for viruses with third-party utilities.

Error c101a006 on a Windows Phone Phone System Sometimes it turns out to fix the upgrade to Windows Mobile 10. Since an official date for the completion of its support has not yet been announced. Throughout useful information on the upgrade process of version 8 of the mobile Windows can be found in this thread of the popular forum. Find the section with your phone model and try to upgrade. In the subject also you can find out if your device supports Windows Mobile. And what awaits him when installing the latter updates. Although many reputable sources claim that 10 the version of the mobile OS expects the same fate in 2020. AND the only right decision will be to switch to another mobile platform.

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