Error code CSC_7200029, CSC_7200022, CSC_7200015 on Aliexpress


How to fix error code CSC_7200029 on Aliexpress

Usually, a notification with the code CSC_7200029 is encountered by residents Crimea trying to pay for the goods they like on Aliexpress. Since a number of sanctions have been imposed on Crimea (including blocking the normal operation of payment systems), then an indication in the payment data of the Crimean index leads to Problems.

Aliexpress Crimea

Now Aliexpress does not work well with buyers from the Crimea

The solution to the error CSC_7200029 may be different, and usually comes down to to the following points:

How to solve a problem: Explanation:
Work through VPN. Usually in this case it is recommended to install a VPN program (or browser extension), and change your IP address to some all-Russian (not Crimean). Thereafter Payment may go through normally.
Ordering goods at the address of your relative, friend, girlfriend in Russia or Ukraine (living not in Crimea). From there, the goods are already sent to you.
Perform operations through the Opera browser. It helped some users.
Using an account on one device. If your Ali account is open on both the phone and the computer, then close both, open only on the phone and try make a payment.

Aliexpress mobile

Run Aliexpress exclusively on your mobile

A more effective and proven way to eliminate Error CSC_7200029 is as follows:

  • Change the delivery address, indicating your name, number, street, a post office in Krasnodar (Krasnodar Territory), or any of the relatives in Russia;
  • In the column of the building, apartment and other addressee data, indicate your exact address with an index in the Crimea;
  • In the line “country” indicate “Russian Federation”;
  • In the line below indicate “Krasnodar Territory”;
  • Still lower is Taman;
  • The next line is 353555.

    Delivery address Crimea Aliexpress

    Indicate the data we listed

When registering the goods in the marking field, it must be noted for seller:

Please, send the goods to the following address: zip, your Crimean index, Russian Federation, Krasnodarskiy kray, Crimea, city ​​of your residence, your street, house number, apartment number, phone number with international code.

Payment should go without problems. Immediately after payment duplicate the seller your message in English again.

Also try the following method if an error occurs CSC_7200029:

  1. Download and install on your mobile version of the application Aliexpress 5.3.9 (for example, from;

    The mobile application Aliexpress 5.3.9

    Use Aliexpress application version 5.3.9

  2. On a PC via a browser, add the product you need to your wishes (favorites), click on the heart;
  3. Then through the mobile phone we go to the wish list, select the product we added earlier, and click on “Buy now”;
  4. We select the necessary payment method (for example, Yandex Money, and pay for the goods).

    Yandex money

    As a payment tool, they have proven themselves well. Yandex money

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The way to fix the problem with code CSC_7200022 when ordering goods to Crimea

The occurrence of error CSC_7200022 is usually also associated with the Crimean “registration” (more precisely by zip code) of the buyer goods.

We recommend that you clear your browser’s cache and cookies, as well as delete old orders from the “Cart” and “Unpaid” sections orders. “After that, try to order goods on a new (use the Opera browser).

Also solve the problem with notification CSC_7200022 can translate money from dollars to rubles in Ali settings. For it at registration order in the upper right corner, select “Delivery”, and next to the selection currency select “Rubles”.

Currency rubles

Set rubles as settlement currency

Also try clicking on “Add new card”, enter the data an existing card (on which payment does not pass), click on “Pay” – “Done.”

Troubleshooting error CSC_7200015 on Aliexpress

Ways to get rid of error CSC_7200015 having international in nature, extremely small. Most effective a tool that has proven itself with other users Aliexpress is a way to remove and then add payment card. Delete the data of your current card, and then add a new card (with the same data), and then try to make the necessary payment.

The complete removal method also helped in solving this problem. previous payment cards by adding a new one. With this tick next to “Save the card” option do not put it.

It comes in handy: what is the status of Waiting for pick up on Aliexpress.


Above, we looked at how to solve the error codes CSC_7200029, CSC_7200022, CSC_7200015, which may occur on Aliexpress. And also what methods will help to eliminate the arisen problem. Remember that boasting a 100% guarantee, the listed methods are not may, since sanction restrictions that impede normal work with Aliexpress, no one has canceled. However, the listed We have proven ways with many users, therefore we recommend them as an effective tool for disposal from the above errors.

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