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  • 1 Reasons for delay and meaning of errors
  • 2 How to track your package
  • 3 What to do if an error occurs at the customs
  • 4 Ban on the import of goods into the Russian Federation

Causes of Delay and Meaning of Errors

Before you take any measures, you need to understand what happened and why such a situation arose in Aliexpress. Consider the main ones:

  • the parcel did not go through the clearance process at customs – this means that there were some problems when checking the goods;
  • errors in the customs declaration, shipment of counterfeit goods goods;
  • other errors in the package documentation;
  • errors in the message itself, possibly in a day or two status the parcel will change.

Do not immediately get upset when you receive the status of delay, it is best to double-check the information for more accurate services, for example, or Here you can get the most reliable data on the whereabouts of his parcels.

Similar to “Customs Cleared” Buyer Messages receives in the event that the customs service returned the goods back or customs duty has not been paid by the merchant. But that happens extremely rare, most often such messages come by mistake or by the reason for the illiterate, hastily translated text of the message.

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How to track your package

Customers who often buy on Aliexpress know that most statuses and messages on the site in your account incorrect. Therefore, it is best to use other services to tracking your item. For example, consider how to do this. on website.

  1. To do this, we need the track code of the package. It can be found on website in your account.
  2. Go to the trackru website and on the main page in the form you need enter your code.
  3. Next you need to click on the button “Track the package.” If you not received the necessary information, the site offers a simple pass registration in order to start automatic search on your track code. After the service finds information, you will be informed this notified.

    Tracking parcel service

    Parcel tracking service

Do not take messages literally: an error occurred on When clearing at Aliexpress, contact customs or seller. It is possible that the package is already in your country and soon will be at your post office. A message can also say that the goods are in the customs warehouse and are waiting in line for decor. Just periodically update information on the parcel.

When buying on Aliexpress, the goods go through customs in the summer time in a few hours (usually 2-3 hours). In winter time (in cold weather) from 1 day to a week. Any measures needed accept if the parcel status is not updated more than 5 days from receipt of the first message.

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What to do if an error occurs at the customs

If the error during customs clearance in AliExpress is not updated already several days, then it is necessary to open a dispute on the site by cause of problems with customs control. In cases where customs sent the goods back to the seller due to paper problems, need wait until the goods are again in China. So, the seller will no longer unlock and will be more inclined to to return funds to your account.

Another tip to the buyer: do not immediately aggravate the dispute, first try to negotiate with the seller so that he returns the money (possibly minus shipping costs). You can request a certificate from the customs office where the parcel came that it was not opened through your fault. In this case, it will be easier for you to return money through dispute on Aliexpress.

The ban on the import of goods into the Russian Federation

It’s easy to find a list of goods that are prohibited for import into the territory of the Russian Federation. You can find everything in it – from explosives, weapons, gems, to gadgets with spy features. There are even products that at first glance seem completely harmless. Orenburg postal customs post XIAOMI phone was detained in 2017 on the basis of an appeal copyright holders.

Delay XIAOMI gadget at the customs department of Orenburg

XIAOMI gadget delay at the customs department of Orenburg

That is, apparently, the package contained a fake gadget. It is necessary to pay attention that there is no way to get in the Russian Federation following products:

  • alcoholic, tobacco products;
  • valuable furs;
  • weapons of any kind;
  • animals;
  • medicines;
  • perishable goods;
  • other.

The reason for frequent delays at customs was Article 328 Customs Code, which states intellectual property rights property. Buyers who determine that a product is stuck in the customs office (and in which one) when clearing from Aliexpress, contact the FCS. Here you can get all the explanations and reasons. delays. Therefore, when creating a purchase requisition, you must consider the list of goods under the ban. Otherwise, you may not lose only goods, but also funds spent on it.

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