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Causes of Error on AliExpress

The error ISC_RS_5100102051 is associated with the case fraud that occurred in the Crimea. AliExpress Owners take appropriate security measures in this regard. The user receives an error message if the system identifies his credit card as unreliable. It happens when people are trying to pay for goods with a card that does not belong to them. TO Unfortunately, there is no information on what criteria the system determines unreliable credit cards.

When complaining about technical support, operators claim that such message ISC_RS_5100102051 in Aliexpress may mean technical problems on the side of the online store. An error occurs due to the fact that you are trying to buy an expensive thing from a new one, just created account. For young accounts valid restriction on the price of goods. To acquire more expensive things need to verify identity and provide more information about yourself in your profile.

The region of Crimea is included in the list of unreliable. Under this category even those users who have long started an account record in AliExpress. Users managed to circumvent this blocking, indicating in the registration form in the region line the item “Other”. But recently, this item is also included in authorized list. For this reason, an error may occur. ISC_RS_5100412051 when making a payment.

Error message on AliExpress

Error message on AliExpress

The error occurs if the user tries to purchase the product by brand new credit card. In this case, you can try use other cards or services.

The security service blocks accounts in which changed address information. After that, they come in messages, please download copies of personal documents, confirming identity. After that, the orders of such a user withdraw, funds in the account become blocked until clarification of circumstances. Or go back to the accounts, from where were listed, which is less common.

How to fix ISC_RS_5100152051 error

If the user who received this error does not live on territory of Crimea or any other that is on the list sanctions, you must do the following.

  1. Contact customer service. Explain the situation and ask for help at ISC_RS_5100102051.
  2. You may need copies of your passport, and also scan the history of the operations of your card or account so that you can see that you tried to make a payment (if the funds were withdrawn). Wherein the data in the passport and in the account must match. Scans needed only colored. If you have a passport or international law driver, they can also be scanned and sent. In this case, your application will be considered faster.
  3. Try making a payment using a different payment system, e.g. Qiwi or WebMoney. You can also use payment by SMS and Western Union money transfer.

Crimeans buy goods on AliExpress and in others online stores using intermediaries from Russia. They can Speaking to relatives, friends or acquaintances. In this case, the order drawn up in their names, and after the goods arrive intermediary, he sends it to a resident of the Crimea. There are special organizations that offer their intermediary services for a small payment. Usually, they provide courier services. They can find on social media pages where you can read reviews other users about this method of obtaining goods.

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Change data on AliExpress

Some users manage to trick the site by spoofing delivery cities. After the system determines the city, which is in the list of sanctions, it blocks the actions of such user on the site. But there is one little trick – it was it was noticed that the parcel was sent by AliExpress employees by post index. But few of them know the correspondence of indexes to cities. Therefore, when the parcel crosses the border of the Russian Federation, it will be delivered to you, because the address will remain the same. To make it to do:

  • open the homepage of the AliExpress store and log in Personal Area;
  • click on your nickname and select “My AliExpress” from the list;

    Button in the online store

    Button in My AliExpress Online Store

  • on the left side of the menu, click on “Delivery Address”;

    Shipping address on AliExpress profile

    Shipping address on AliExpress profile

  • click “edit”;
  • here in the column “Region” enter any, for example, Rostov or Krasnodar region;
  • save data.

Thus, you can buy goods and not worry that Payment will not pass. And the error ISC_RS_5100102051 in AliExpress is more will not appear in front of you.

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