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What ERROR: NANDFlashwasnotdetected

So what is it ERROR: NANDFlashwasnotdetected? First of all, it is worth deciding on the answer to the question “nand flash what this is”.

As you know (or maybe someone reads about this for the first time), now There are two main methods of the type of flash memory – these are NOR flash and NAND flash, differing by the method of connecting cells in array and read-write algorithms.

If the NOR flash works with small memory, then NAND flash is used where large amounts of memory are needed (tens and hundreds of gigabytes). In particular, a NAND flash memory widely used in modern mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), allowing you to quickly and efficiently solve various digital tasks.

NAND flash

NAND flash

Accordingly, when a user encounters a dysfunction of his smartphone and tries to reflash his device (i.e. install another shell on it) using specialized programs (usually this is one of the versions SP Flash Tool), then the test of this program may give message ERROR: NAND Flash wasnotdetected that in translating means “Error. NAND Flash memory not detected”

Causes of error ERROR: NANDFlashwasnotdetected

Causes of error ERROR: NANDFlashwasnotdetected may There are three main types:

  1. Physical failure of the NAND Flash memory of your smartphone (tablet);
  2. Incorrect versions of firmware files that are installed on your phone number;
  3. Outdated version of SP Flash flasher program itself Tool

After we decided on what it means ERROR: NANDFlashwasnotdetectedand what are the causes of this dysfunction, let’s move on to its methods solutions.


How to fix the error ERROR: NANDFlashwasnotdetected

So how to fix ERROR: NANDFlashwasnotdetected? First of all, it is worth determining whether your device has been any physical impact (for example, didn’t get into him water). If something like this happened (and more recently), then there is a high probability that your flash memory the device is damaged, and irrevocably. In this case, the most the best solution would be to buy a new device.

If nothing like this happened to your device, then Try using a different firmware version for your device. Pay attention to the version of the scatter file (scatter), with it often problems are observed, as with an inappropriate device preloader. Firmware for some devices (for example, lenovo) must be carried out with the battery removed from the device. firms

The specific firmware for your particular device you have to Search the web yourself.

Also, when answering the question “how to get rid of ERROR: NANDFlashwasnotdetected ” I advise you to use only the latest version of SP Flash Tool, since a number of errors arising during firmware may be caused by an outdated version of the utility (use cases already were).



When answering the question “ERROR: NANDFlashwasnotdetected that means “it should be noted that the most common causes of this error are physical damage to your flash memory devices, as well as incorrect versions of firmware files, used to install on the phone. Try to search alternative firmware versions, and also use the latest version of the utility SP Flash Tool – this will allow you to effectively fix error ERROR: NANDFlashwasnotdetected on your device.

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