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Decoding dysfunction when opening a video

This error stands for “Error: Reference_expired”, which in translation means “Error: link expired.” Her the appearance usually signals a situation where, for any reasons, the player has lost touch with the playing video file, as a result, the user received the error “Error: Reference_expired “.

The causes of Error Ref_expired can be approximately the following:

  • Random player malfunctioning during startup or playback video;
  • Temporarily pause the video after which the player lost connection with the required video file;
  • The desired video file or working link to it has been deleted site administration.

    Understanding the causes of dysfunction

    We deal with the causes of dysfunction

This dysfunction is rare, and most often fixed on Yandex.Browser and in domestic video cinemas. In the foreign online segment, cases Error Ref_expired errors occur character.

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How to fix Error: Ref_expired

Since the error “Error: Ref_expired” is rare, due to a stochastic failure of the online player, then the solution This problem is usually a standard reboot. pages. Just restart it (for example, by pressing on F5 in your browser), and in most cases the error will be fixed.

If this method does not help, then to get rid of the error Error Ref_expired recommend the following:

  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies. This operation is usually by going to your browser settings (corresponding button with three dots or top right), finding the option to clear the cache and cookies there, and its subsequent engaging. For example, in Chrome, this is done by moving to “Settings” – “Advanced” – “Clear History”;

    Clear your Chrome’s cache and cookies.

    Clear your browser’s cache and cookies

  • Disable (delete) unnecessary extensions and additions of your web navigator. If your browser has many extensions or additions (especially for working with video), I recommend temporarily disable (delete) these add-ons to make sure that they do not cause this error;
  • Deactivate hardware acceleration. If you play video using Flash Player, hover over the video image, right click, select “Options”, go to the tab “Display”, and uncheck the option “Enable hardware acceleration. “Reload the problem page, and try run the desired video;
  • Install the latest version of flash player. This is done go to, uncheck additional offers, and by clicking on the “Install Now” button. Because the modern video is played mostly based on HTML5, updating a flash player may not be effective is always;

    Upgrade Your Flash

    Update your Flash Player

  • Refresh your browser. Make sure you use it yourself fresh version of your internet navigator. If necessary update it to the latest version;
  • Check your PC for malware that might block access to the desired video. Specialized will help Doctor Web Curette tools and equivalents;
  • Install the latest driver for your video card. Can be found both on the developer’s site and take advantage Automated tools of the “Driver Pack Solution” level;
  • Reset your browser. For example, in the same Chrome must go to its settings, scroll page settings to the very bottom, and select “Reset” there.

    Reset your navigator

    Reset your navigator


The reason for the “Error Ref_expired” error usually is a network media player losing communication with it video. To solve this problem is usually enough reload the problem page, after which the Error error Ref_expired is resolved.

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