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  • 2 Causes of Save Issues
  • 3 How to fix the problem with fixing passage in Far Cry 5
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How saving is implemented in Far Cry 5

The gameplay of Far Cry 5 is teeming with combat situations, capable of killing your character. Various forms conservation designed to facilitate the passage of the game, contribute more comfortable and convenient gameplay.

Saving in “Far Cry 5” is implemented in two main forms:

  • Auto save (after passing control points, completion of the mission, quick movement, and so on). About auto save is signaled by several appearing dots in the upper left corner of the screen. After the specified points disappear, autosave is considered completed;
  • Manual saving, implemented by opening the options menu, and Clicking on the Save Game button. Manual save not available at every game moment, it is necessary consider when trying to save game achievements.

    Save files are usually located in the folder

    Save files are usually located in the Ubisoft Game folder Launcher ”

Causes of Save Issues

Problems saving Far Cry 5 (the game does not save, does not it is possible to load a previously saved game, the game does not see the saved result) are usually caused by the following reasons:

  • The game has a “damp” character, is not properly debugged, and expects future patches that can fix the problem;
  • User uses incorrectly executed pirated repack;
  • The integrity of the game files is violated;
  • For some reason, the game does not have access to the disk (for example, due to the blocking of such access by the viral or antivirus program);
  • The path to the game contains Cyrillic characters;
  • There are problems with the PC hard drive.

Dysfunction usually manifests itself or in the form of a popular mistake “Granite – 2,000,000 error”, or without any visual notifications.

How to fix the problem with fixing passage in Far Cry 5

To get rid of the error in Far Cry 5, you must run the following actions:

  1. If you are using a pirate repack, then search and install repack from another author. Alternative repack may have more stable functionality and normally working conservation;
  2. Make sure the installation path of your game does not contain Cyrillic characters. If any, uninstall the game, and reinstall it correctly using the Latin alphabet;
  3. Enable indexing of files at the CPY_SAVES folder (in case of repack from “CPY”). Close the game, follow the path: Documents and Settings \ USERNAME \ Documents
  4. Inside the Documents folder, find the folder CPY_SAVES
  5. Click on it with RMB, select Properties, go to the tab “General”, and in it click on the “Other” button.
  6. Here we activate the option “Allow indexing content files. ”
  7. Click on “OK”, start the game, and try to run preservation.
  8. This tip may help resolve the save error in Far Cry 5.

Allow indexing folder contents

Allow indexing of contents of folder “CPY_SAVES”

Change the location of the folder to save the game (repack from “CPY”). Go to the main folder “Far Cry 5”, and open the file there CPY.ini using the standard Notepad. Here we need Change the location of the folder to save the game. Edit the string “SavePath” as follows:

SavePath = C: \ ProgramData \ Orbit \ 46 \

Save your changes and reboot your PC.

Your game result will be saved in this folder

Your game result will be saved in this folder.

  • Before starting the game, turn off your antivirus, it may block the correct save in the game;
  • Check your PC for viruses (tried and tested tools will help level “Dr. Web CureIt!”);
  • Turn off save sync to the cloud. I warn you that when implementing this advice, your game progress may be lost. Go to Uplay settings and turn off sync Cloud Save Synchronization

Then go to Ubisoft / Ubisoft Game Launcher, and delete the files save game. Run the game as administrator from the file FarCry5.exe [direct from Ubisoft Game Launcher / games / Far Cry 5 / bin (folder)], and if you have a game version from Steam – directly from the game folder and nothing else;

Reinstall the game completely, in some cases it helped to fix the error “Far Cry 5 is not saved” on user PC.


If this error occurs, it is recommended that you change save game directory, check if there is no game in the way Cyrillic characters, and also disable synchronization of results with the cloud. I also recommend looking for repack from another author (in case of a pirated version of the product), which can help solve the problem save to “Far Cry 5”.

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