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Yandex Image Search is similar to FindFace

Yandex search engine has its own search on pictures, which is quite suitable for the role of FindFace analogue. Here you can find any image that has been indexed system. The search is organized at the proper level, there is additional filters to help sort out unwanted results.

To start the search, follow the link

  1. In the search bar, select the icon with the camera.

    Yandex Image Search

    Yandex Image Search

  2. The next window will offer two search options: by uploaded image and link to the image.

    Ways to search for images in Yandex

    Yandex image search methods

  3. To find the image on the link, you must click the right click on the desired image on the network and select “Copy link to image. ”
  4. Then paste the link in the appropriate line and click “To find”.
  5. If you have a picture for an example, then you need to use second form. Click on the “Choose file” button, and specify the path to photos on your computer. After uploading photo search engine will start the search automatically.
  6. In the results you can find similar photos, as well as links to the site where they are located. Here in the results are different sizes of the uploaded image, as well as their various quality.

    Yandex Image Search Results

    Yandex Image Search Results

You can use the search without an image. Excellent Filters are suitable for which you can set the parameters of the desired photo. Filters are located above the results.

Filters for searching Yandex pictures

Yandex image search filters

A large number of them, to find other filters, click arrow that is on the edge of the screen.

Arrow to display other filters in Yandex

Arrow to display other filters in Yandex

Google Image Search – The Second Analogue of FindFace

Google search engine also has a picture search, kinda also similar FindFace service. The search process is similar to Yandex. Open the page

Google Image Search Link

Google Image Search Link

In the upper right corner, click “Pictures.”

  1. In the search bar, select the icon depicting the camera.

    Button to go to Google image search

    Button to go to the image search in Google

  2. Choose one of the photo search methods – by link or by image. You can open the folder with the photo you want find and just drag it to this window.

    Google Image Search Ways

    Google Image Search Methods

  3. In the results you will get all available similar images, its different sizes and quality. Here will be the alleged the object that is shown in the photo.

    Google Image Search Results

    Google Image Search Results

Search for images at

Another interesting service is Here you can search the photo with the definition of the sex of the person and its age is similar to the capabilities of FindFace. In addition there will be persons of celebrities who are most similar to face from the image. Searching is very simple.

  1. When you get to the main page, you will see a form in front of you, where you need to specify a link to the image or provide ready-made your computer.
  2. To upload photos from your computer, click the “Upload Image” button. Then indicate the path to the file on the computer, and confirm the selection.
  3. The file will appear in the window on the left. Below are indicators that reflect the degree of female or male gender, and also an indicator of determining age.

    Gender and age indicators

    Gender and Age Indicators

  4. Even lower is the block with celebrity faces that most resemble on the face from the picture. Under each famous person the degree of similarity indicated as a percentage.

    Faces of celebrities that are as close as possible to the original image

    Faces of celebrities who are as similar as possible to the original picture

This service is most suitable for the role of FindFace analogue. Try to find the image here yourself, it’s also fun.

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