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What is the Memorial HBS?

The generalized database “Memorial” is a huge electronic a database containing information about the Soviet wars, dead, dead, missing during WWII and post-war time. At the moment, the base has 20 million personal records of the losses of the Red Army in the Second World War, as well as more than 17 million electronic copies of documents of irreparable loss.

One of these documents is a certificate of mobilization

One of these documents is a mobilization certificate.

The base of the dead and missing is not statistical a storehouse of information, it is constantly updated with new data, for account of digitization (scanning) of data from the State Archive Russia, archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, central naval archives and other relevant sources.

The goal of creating a database is to get anyone information about the deceased relatives and friends. Such information presented in the form of irreparable loss reports specifying loss of documents, burial passports and other related documents.

The organizer and curator of the project is the Ministry of Defense RF, and the technical side of the issue is carried out by the corporation ELAR.

Appearance of the Internet project

Appearance of the Internet project

How to use OBD “Memorial”

Using the database functionality, you can search documents where one way or another the person you need is mentioned. For the implementation of such a search is necessary to go to the draft HBS Memorial https://www.obd-memorial.ru/html/index.html. Then enter in the relevant search fields all the personal ones you know data of the desired person (name, year of birth, rank), after which click on “Search”.

Standard search form

Standard search form

If you have only a fraction of the data (for example, only the last name), then the system will display you data on all found faces with such last name. In this case, you will need to consider in detail found data about each person, in order to find what you need faces.

For a more detailed search, you should use a special advanced search form https://www.obd-memorial.ru/html/advanced-search.htm. Here you You can specify in which documents to search, enter a number additional search descriptors (country of burial, military rank, camp number, hospital, place of capture, etc.).

Detailed search form

Detailed search form

When searching for a WOBD memorial, remember that documents of those years could be filled out by people who allowed various spelling and grammatical errors (human factor). Therefore, if you do not find the person you need, try perform a second search using, for example, similar variations of his name. For example, instead of Alexandrovich, type “Oleksandrovich”, instead of “Kirillovich” type “Kirilovich” and so Further. Do not be afraid to experiment and try different forms, perhaps one of them will allow you to find the soldier you are looking for.

Other similar archives

In addition to OBD “Memorial”, you can also use other Archival projects available on the web. It:

  • Archival Battalion – Provides information on combatants wars of the 20th century;
  • “Immortal Regiment” – contains a database of participants in the Second World War, replenished the efforts of the users themselves;
  • “Memory of the people” – is dedicated mainly to the losses of our people in the First World War (it works rather unstable);
  • “Feat of the people” – contains a database of WWII mainly in section of awards (persons represented for awards, award documents, geography of war);
  • “Soldier” – one of the oldest network resources dedicated to establishing information about the dead and missing people
  • “Winners” – dedicated to veterans living near us.


    The project “Winners” is dedicated to living veterans


OBD “Memorial” is a voluminous database of the dead, dead and missing Soviet wars during WWII. This the source is an invaluable tool to help you get information about those who forged Victory in that great, and simultaneous terrible war. He will help those living now find relatives and friends, to receive invaluable information hidden previously behind multiple archival castles.

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