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  • 1 Briefly about each of the 8 Call of Duty: WWII missions
    • 1.1 1. Landing in Normandy
    • 1.2 2. Operation “Cobra”
    • 1.3 3. Marigny’s mission
    • 1.4 4. Level Train
    • 1.5 5. Mission Wolf’s Lair
    • 1.6 6. Mission Aachen
    • 1.7 7. Stage Hürtgen Forest
    • 1.8 8. Mission Height 493

Briefly about each of the 8 missions of Call of Duty: WWII

Get ready to test your strengths in Call of Duty: World War II war. The campaign will unfold in Europe.

1. Landing in Normandy

The main battle of World War II Omaha Beach is the first Call of Duty: WWII mission based on the events described in the movie “Saving Private Ryan.” The main character is Donald “red” Daniels and his friend Private Robert Zussman come in close and fierce hand-to-hand combat with enemy soldiers. Zussman in this the battle is seriously injured and his injuries prevent him from taking participation in the battle before the start of the next mission.

2. Operation “Cobra”

In this mission, the allied army fights in France for a few weeks after landing in Normandy. Battles are in the woods and at the crossroads of small towns. Just classic shooting game.

Battles in Call of Duty: WWII are everywhere.

Call of Duty: WWII: in the Woods and at City Crossroads

3. Mission Marigny

In the incredible struggle taken the French city of Marigny. The culmination of the battle is the epic battle at the church that led to the destruction of architecture. In this mission of Call of Duty: WWII relationships within the team become tense. In particular, Sergeant William Pearson begins to reprimand Sussman that he returned too early and is a ballast unsuitable for the battle.

4. Level Train

So far, players have only met in the campaign with American fighters. Next comes the attack on the German armored train, carrying V2 missiles in the direction of Paris. During this team meets with operatives of the British Office of Special Operations SOE by Edgar Crowley and Vivian. Their goal is to stop the train in any way and search for important papers. Protagonist daniels shocked by skills cool british. The second part of this Call of Duty: WWII mission the game enters the Frenchwoman Russo, a partisan who offers ingenious scheme of using the found documents.

5. Mission Wolf’s Lair

August 1944 – the liberation of Paris. Russo (for which the player acts) and Crowley dress up in the form of the Nazis and playing role-playing games infiltrate the headquarters of Germany in Paris. Along the way missions need to contact the soldiers of the German army. In the second part of SOE and resistance liberate the capital of France.

6. Mission Aachen

Military operations are moving to Germany. The first city occupied by the allies, becomes Aachen. The conflict between good character Turner and negative Pearson. In the arena fighting appears civilians. Mission is full of drama and intense battles. Will we accompany civilians to safe place? After all, if they suffer during military operations, then the recent victory in Paris will become an empty phrase.

7. Stage Hürtgen Forest

The border between Germany and Belgium. Hürtgen Forest. Clearing the road to the allied convoy. In a different way this battle is called “Factory death ”, as they will be against us:

Forest Battles Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII: in the Forest

  • a fierce adversary who does not want to give in;
  • severe weather conditions;
  • dirt trapped in frost.

The optimism of the first missions is gradually replaced by pessimism. Bombs Nazis explode on the upper branches of trees, and shell splinters together with wood fall into allies.

8. Mission Height 493

You’ve already guessed how many commissions in Call of Duty: WWII, right, 8! Enemies dug in at an altitude of 493, which we need to take. Rising tensions between team members may lead to serious problems in the future. Mission basis performs the film “Hamburger Height”.


Call of Duty: WWII: On the Plains and in the Mountains

Average time a player spends completing all missions in Call of Duty: WWII, is 6 – 7 hours. Play with pleasure!

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