How to buy voices in VK via phone


What do VK voices provide?

Voices is a special currency in VKontakte. She can use almost everywhere in the virtual world of VC. If you a fan of mini-games, you can receive various bonuses and improvements that will help you pass the levels faster. Buy new things for heroes to be invincible. With voices you will become it’s easy to get anyone you know from your friends list, filling her with presents.

Voices are primarily used for entertainment virtual goods. They can not pay for advertising on the site. If you need to place your product or service in ad unit, you need to contact the administration. These questions are solved directly.

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How to buy votes in VK through a mobile application phone

VKontakte mobile application is the most popular means of visiting a social network. Therefore, the question often arises. about the use of certain functions that are in the web version, but still little familiar on phones. In the mobile version of VK you need Go directly to the purchase you want to make. TO for example, a friend has a birthday and you want to make him gift.

Now we will consider replenishment of mobile voices as possible more details:

  1. Open the events page on VK or birthdays in the news. it there may be improvements in the game – any case where you have to pay for the purchase by vote;
  2. Choose a gift icon in front of a friend;

    Icon for buying a gift

    Icon for buying a gift to a friend in VK

  3. Then select a purchase item and click the “Submit” button gift “, no matter what your balance of votes;
  4. You will see 4 (today) ways to pay for votes in VK: electronic money, mobile phone, bank card, via Google Play Choose the appropriate option;

    Methods of payment of votes of VK

    Methods of payment of votes in the VKontakte mobile application

  5. Make a payment.

Replenishment methods:

No. Appointment Way
1 Electronic money PayPal, WebMoney, QIWI and Yandex.Money
2 Bank cards MasterCart, Visa, World
3 Other Mobile phone balance

Payment of VK votes from the phone

Payment of VK votes from the balance of a mobile phone

Choose it and pay even if you don’t have bank cards, an account on Google Play or electronic money. Even minors have a telephone today. Therefore problems with Payment will not occur.

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What is VK Pay ?

Recently, the social network VKontakte launched in test mode own official electronic currency – VK Pay. She is an analog of QIWI, Yandex.Money and the like. She will allow make any purchases in other stores. Make your own wallet can every registered user of VK.

To do this, go to the page and start creating your own wallet:

  1. Click “Continue” several times;
  2. The first thing you need to do is create a PIN code, 4 characters;

    Entering a PIN code

    Entering a PIN code when creating a VK Pay wallet

  3. The first stage is completed. Wallet homepage asks you fill out the questionnaire in detail to use all existing features and functions.

    Wallet VK Pay

    VK Paylet wallet main page on VK

On the identification page (after clicking the “Fill” button) you you will need to provide personal data (real) and enter the series and passport ID. Only citizens can create their own VK account Of Russia. For others, this feature is not yet available. Although in the future, probably neighboring countries will be able to use it.

Questionnaire page to fill out

Questionnaire page that must be completed for use VK Pay

You can read more about VK Pay service in your profile by going to the “Settings” section. In wallet provided quite favorable conditions for its use. For example, no commissions for transactions with other wallets in the VK system, as well as when paying for certain services. Withdrawing funds to bank cards – 3%, which is the average value in similar services. Today at VK Pay already has a cashback function with which you can also see the wallet settings.

Voices on VK Pay

Buying votes on VK Pay

With this new VK Pay service, you can easily buy Voice over phone without any other cards and accounts. Everything, that you need is to select the corresponding icon on the main page wallet. Then, with a positive balance, select the amount votes you need and click “Get.”

Buying votes on VKontakte

Buying VKontakte votes through VK Pay

How to replenish the balance in the web version of the social network

On the site replenish your own stock of votes easier. You need to open the profile settings. Who doesn’t know how do it – select your profile name in the upper right, near your avar.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Click “Settings”;
  2. Select the section “Payments, subscriptions, transfers”;

    VK menu item

    Selecting a menu item to recharge VK votes

  3. On the next page, click the “Refill” button;

    Button for replenishment of votes

    Button to recharge votes on VK

  4. You will see a window in which there will be several options recharge: terminals, electronic money, mobile phone, bank card. As in the mobile version;

    Payment Methods

    Methods of payment of votes on VK

  5. Choose your preferred method and buy the right amount votes.

In the window when choosing a payment method, there is another option, which not in VK version for phones – “Special offers”. You about him You will learn more in the next section.

What are special offers on VKontakte

When you top up your vote on the VK website, you often see item “Special offers”. It exists for those who want Get the virtual currency of a social network for free. Everyone in it can fill up a voice account for free with the help of offers from VKontakte employee companies. By opening this section, in front of you a list with tasks appears, as well as the price of each task in voices.

Tasks for getting free votes

Tasks for which you can get VK votes is free

Often in it you can find “cheap” tasks, the cost of which three voices. All you need to get them is to go through a simple test. Regardless of the result, in the end you will receive 3 votes. There are tasks and more expensive. For example, play a game and execute some conditions (reach level 10, etc.) cost 100 votes. Each individual task has its own price. They can only be performed once. If you ignore this condition, even if you fulfill all tasks, votes will not be counted.

Do not forget that today the function of transferring votes to friends blocked. Now you can not share virtual currency. So the new administration decided. But the opportunity to buy gifts for others left.

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What to do if SMS does not arrive on the phone

When buying VKontakte votes from a mobile phone balance users often find that they don’t come SMS messages to confirm. In this case, the purchase is not possible. This may be due to some functions being blocked by your mobile operator. You need to contact support and get information on this. Problems with yourself are not excluded a mobile device. Try changing it by moving the SIM card to another device.

Check if there are enough funds on the balance of the phone. Elementary may not have enough money to pay. In your account on operator’s site can be set to prohibit receipt Messages and calls from short numbers. Check and when turn off this feature if necessary. Then try to buy in social network VK voice through smartphone.

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