How to change password on Skype?


Changing your Skype password is a useful procedure that will strengthen the reliability of your account from hacking or access to your account third parties. Correspondence may contain important data or files. Replacing is very easy and takes no more than 30 seconds. Here You step by step course of action. How to change the password on Skype

  1. Enter the program and your account, in the main window click “Skype” and then “Change Password”: Change password on Skype
  2. Enter your old password, in another field write your new password 2 times. Then click “Apply”: Change your password on Skype
  3. After the change, you must re-enter the network with the new data. You see such a window, now enter your username and password new there and click Sign In. enter skype on pc

It also happens that the password is forgotten, and in this case there is detailed instructions for recovering account password. We recommend setting a complex password containing letters of different registers and numbers.

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