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  • 4 How to replace the first and last name in the social. Latin network
  • 5 How to change the name in VK.COM from the phone
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Why VK real name and surname

Even 10 years ago, VK was quite tolerant of the change user name and surname. It was easy to create a fake account, register in them some “Peter the Happy”, and convenient to use all the features of the network.

Now VK has significantly tightened registration requirements account. Only real user name and surname are required, which you may need to back up with a scan of your passport. Why is this happening? This is due to the following:

  • Social networks are a favorite tool of various social movements, including anti-government directionality. Knowing the real names and surnames of users it will be easier for special services and the administration of VK to identify inspirers and participants in such actions;
  • Barrier to spammers. It’s no secret that many accounts on Instagram are fakes, often based on bot programs. Requiring the introduction of a real first and last name Vkontakte administration, if it doesn’t completely block, it significantly limits the possibility of creating such fake accounts
  • More communication. It’s no secret that VC is positioned as a network for user communication. Because the more there will be real people with real accounts in VK, the higher the level of communication users.

If you want to change the name and surname in VK (by clicking on your avatar in VK by selecting “Edit” and typing in the appropriate new name and surname), then the new data you entered will be sent for confirmation by the VK administration. If the administrator (moderator) there are doubts about the reliability of your data, then changes will not be approved, and you will be left with the same name and last name. The confirmation of the new data is done on throughout the day.

Moreover, if you change the name and surname for the first time, then VC may Change them without administrator involvement. In other cases Application for change of first name (surname) is sent for approval VK administration.

But, as it usually happens, many rules can be tried get around. We will figure out how to change the name in VK without checking 2018.

How to change name in VK without checking 2018 on PC

Let’s look at ways to change your name into VKontakte without checking 2018 on the computer. For the first of the ways we need the Opera browser version 12.17 (version 32 or 64 bit). Download and install this browser on your PC.

Then do the following:

  1. Launch a browser and go to your account in VK;
  2. Click on your avatar on the top right of the page, select “Edit”;
  3. Place the cursor on the username;
  4. Click the right mouse button, and in the menu that opens, select “View item code”;

    Item Code

    Click on “View Item Code

  5. In the field below, find the line with your name, and double click on it;

    String name

    Find the line with your name and click on it

  6. Change the name to a new one;

    New name

    Change name to new

  7. Close the area with the code by clicking on the cross in the right a corner;
  8. Now click on “Save” at the bottom of the page.


    Save Changes Made

This method may seem strange (we change the loaded HTML-code of the page in the window of our browser, on the VK server it remains initial). But according to reviews of some users, this the method turned out to be absolutely working for them.

How to change your last name on VK 2018 without checking admin

The second way is useful to users who want to change their last name in VK 2018. This method involves a situation where in reality, someone marries (marries) and takes his surname partner.

Do the following:

  1. Create a fake of the opposite gender, where it will be indicated your last name;
  2. Add this page as a friend to your main page;
  3. Change the marital status of your page to be married (married), and specify the fake page as your second page half;
  4. Confirm the status of your relationship with the fake pages;
  5. Now go to your main page and change your surname to the surname of your second half (fake page);
  6. Your last name will change without confirmation from administrator.

You may also be interested in our specialized material, how to change the surname VK without checking the administrator.

How to replace the first and last name in the social. Latin network

To change the name and surname of VK 2018 in Latin letters, we need install a VPN extension on your browser that changes our location in the USA (UK). Such an extension may Become “Unlimited Free VPN – Hola” for a number of browsers. Download and Install this extension on your browser.

Then do the following:

  1. Using a browser, go to your page in VK;
  2. Click on your avatar and select “Edit”;
  3. In all sections, indicate as your home country the United States, hometown of New York (or another American city), language select English, save your changes;
  4. At the bottom of the page also indicate the language English;


    Choose English

  5. Activate the extension “Hola”, and select the country of the USA. If VK will fly out, re-enter it, ignore the VK message on entering network from the USA;
  6. Now go to your VK profile settings, and change your name and last name in Latin letters;

    Latin name

    Write the first and last name in Latin letters

  7. Since foreign users often change their first and last name in VK 2018 in automatic mode, the application will be approved by robots for half an hour;
  8. After changing the name, you can return the Russian language again and indicate real country of residence.

How to change the name in VK.COM from the phone

Let’s also look at how to change your name in VK from mobile 2018 devices. Do the following:

  1. Launch your VK mobile app;
  2. By swiping your finger across the display, call up the menu;
  3. Tap on the account name;
  4. Click on the top right button with three vertical dots, и выберите “Edit Page” ;

    Редактировать страницу

    Select “Edit Page”

  5. Change the name to the one you need, then select “Save.”

    Click Save

    Select a new name, then click on “Save”

We also previously discussed how to listen to music from VC without going into him.


Above, we looked at various ways to change your name in VK without administrator checks in 2018. All of the options listed have proven their work with many users, and may be Recommended as an effective name change tool in VK 2018. Please note that they do not have a 100% guarantee of the result, and VK administration can always request documentary confirming your new first and last name. In this case, or confirm the new name with documents, or explain the reason data changes. If the administration deems the latter respectful, You will be helped to change your name in VK 2018.

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