How to complete all levels in the game Tricky test


The correct answers to pass all levels of the quiz game “Tricky test”

As we recall, the “Tricky Test” (Android, iOS) is logical puzzle game in which you will you need to overcome 130 levels by looking for the right answers to questions asked to you. To complete the game you need something more than banal erudition, as straightforward thinking rejected by authors calling for non-standard and atypical moves.

Well, if you are still stuck on one of the levels, we offer you go through all the stages in the game Tricky Quest through decisions, proposed by us below.


Level 1. Pineapple and apple in a basket, and carrots (vegetable) leave;

Level 1 Tricky Test

Put pineapple and apple in a basket

Level 2. Move the arrow to the left;

Level 3. Transfer the existing fish to the word itself “aquarium”;

Level 4. A green pencil is obtained by adding blue and yellow pencil;

Level 5. The correct answer is twelve months;

Level 6. Move the word “burn” to the candle;

Level 7. The correct answer will be one;

Level 8. The arrow points to the word “west”;

Level 9. Tap on the question mark located at the end offers;

Level 10. Pinch your fingers on the light bulb and wire. It will let current;

Level 11. The correct answer to this level in the Tricky Test is twenty seven;

Level 11. Tricky test

Right answer 27

Level 12. Shake your smartphone, the ball will bend and hit on the spike;

Level 13. Tap on the word “bird”;

Level 14. Close the neck of the tube with your finger, and then shock your gadget. This will allow you to complete a level in the game “Tricky test”;

Level 15. The correct answer is two;

Level 16. Turn over the screen of your gadget and you will get 6 + 6 = 12;

Level 17. Tap on the word “here”;

Level 18. The correct answer is the letter M;

Level 19. In the pit of the earth will be zero;

Level 20. Place your two fingers on the arrows and turn them in the right direction;

Level 20 Tricky Test

Arrows in the right direction

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Level 21. Tap on the next order of numbers – 283.104, 75, 30 (in the upper right corner), 2, -3;

Level 22. The correct answer in the game is the planet number three;

Level 23. Tap with your two fingers on the bear’s ears;

Level 24. Type in the appropriate line the name games”;

Level 25. Tilt your gadget screen down and you will see numbers 278666;

Level 30. Click on the number “tee” in the text of the task itself;

Level 31. Erase the word in the quest in the Tricky Test “picture”;

Level 31 Tricky Test

Erase the word “picture”

Level 32. Turn your smartphone and tap on the arrow way down;

Level 33. Swap the available boxes with the numbers one and seven;

Level 34. The correct answer will be 999;

Level 35. The correct answer is eight children;

Level 36. With your two fingers, flip the jar of ketchup, then shake the device;

Level 39. To complete the level will be necessary simultaneously click on the words “red”, “blue” and the green circle;

Level 40. Using your fingers, move to the “$ 35” piggy bank;

Level 41. The correct answer will be three;

Level 42. The correct answer to complete this step is twenty four paws;

Level 43. Tap on the phrase “left hand”;

Level 44. Use your two fingers to tear the price tag. in half. There should be a price of 23. You will have to throw coins in cash machine;

Level 45. Tap on the letter, it will disappear. Will stay the letter “E” in front of the envelope;

Level 46. Remove unnecessary matches in the game in such a way as shown below;

Level 46 Tricky Test

Remove matches as in the indicated screenshot

Level 47. Remember the sequence of numbers given to you, then play them in the sequence you remember;

Level 48. Tap exclusively on the red button;

Level 49. Pinch your finger on the left turtle and then shock your gadget.

Passage of 50-131 levels

Level 50. Connect the smartphone to its charger and the light will light up;

Level 51. The correct answer is thirty-one;

Level 52. It will be necessary to break a piggy bank in the Tricky Test with your fingers, get five coins;

Level 53. To complete the level you will need to catch bees, flying to the left;

Level 54. Dial your battery charge values Phone

Level 55. Rotate your device 360 ​​degrees;

Level 56. Turn your device over 180 degrees, after what will be left to choose a glass;

Level 57. Tap on the phrase “only one thing is true,” and also in the second and third example;

Level 58. Press numbers in sequence. 1-4-2-3-4-5-1-2-5;

Level 59. Keep your fingers on three teapots and you will see that hot is green tea;

Level 60. Tap on the second door;

Level 61. To complete the level you will need to shift three lantern left to the wall. The first lamp will shine further;

Level 63. Make an example as shown in screenshot

Level 63 Tricky Test

Make an example as in the screenshot

Level 64. The correct answer is sixteen triangles;

Level 65. The correct answer is eight apples, this will allow you to pass. game level Tricky test.

Level 66. Close the clouds in the sun, get the night. At night an owl will appear;

Level 67. To pass the level you need to transfer the spare a wheel on a car wheel;

Level 68. Tap in the game Tricky Twenty-One Test;

Level 69. The correct answer for passing is three;

Level 70. Complete the level. You can put the stars in a word. “stars”;

Level 71. Tap on the phrase “three statements are not true”;

Level 72. After swiping the light bulb with your finger from left to right, unscrew her;

Level 73. The correct answer is 0.05;

Level 74. Move the exclamation mark onto the dial;

Level 75. Use your finger to move the elephant out of bounds screen;

Level 76. The correct answer is thirteen;

Level 76 Tricky Test

Correct answer 13

Level 77. Turn your device over 180 degrees and shake, the bat will remain hanging;

Level 78. It is required to change the numbers and get 218 + 349 = 567;

Level 79. The correct answer to go through this stage is fifteen. hearts;

Level 80. Press the green button eight times and it breaks down. Swipe the shards and you will see another button. Click the last two times;

Level 81. Pass this level of the game. Tricky test will help ball and umbrella connection, get a horn;

Level 82. You can complete the level when you erase a cigarette smoke;

Level 83. The correct answer is six holes;

Level 84. Tap on the chicken;

Level 85. The answer is X = 1;

Level 86. The right option is the third;

Level 87. The answer is nine sheep;

Level 88. Move the person from the right to the left toilet;

Level 89. Take the elephant off the scales;

Level 90. In the phone settings, rearrange the date and time to a day ahead and returning to the game you will see who has DR;

Level 91. Place a question mark on the pirate’s hand;

Level 91 Tricky Test

Put a question mark on a pirate’s hand

Level 92. The correct answer is $ 20;

Level 93. Here you decide;

Level 94. The correct answer is eleven bees (do screenshot);

Level 95. Use the screenshot below.

Level 96. The correct answer in the Tricky Test is eighteen. matches, this will allow you to pass the “Tricky Test”;

Level 97. Enter the time from your watch face;

Level 98. Move the match to the right and you will see in the center square;

Level 99. With two fingers, zoom out the picture. See a guy in a green hat holding a picture;

Level 100. Turn down the volume of your phone to minimum;

Level 101. The correct answer in the game is fifteen;

Level 101 Tricky Test

The correct answer is 15

Level 102. The correct answer is the second bar;

Level 103. The white bar in the first window rises and becomes -9;

Level 104. Use your fingers to push the word “start.” It remains to give the athlete dumbbells;

Level 105. Tap on start, and move pancakes from left to the right side;

Level 106. You will need to draw the earth around the sun and put in the starting place;

Level 107. Move the two keys to the lock. Then to the right of the door with your fingers break the wall at the level of the crack, and you get third key;

Level 108. Turn over the gadget with the included game Tricky test upside down;

Level 109. Extend your hair with your fingers and you will see that the correct answer is “4”;

Level 110. First open the blinds, and then break into wall mirror;

Level 111. The correct answer is “five minutes”;

Level 112. Tap on the calculator on “C”, then place “3” on its screen, then click on the plus and place the “two”. Will stay click on the equal sign;

Level 113. Place your finger in front of the frog’s mouth. Mosquito will fly to finger and he will be seized;

Level 113 Tricky Test

Help the frog grab a mosquito

Level 114. Tap on a snowball with your finger and roll it in the snow to increase in size. With the second snowball do the same. It remains to arrange them in the right place;

Level 115. Shake the gadget, hit the enemy in the face;

Level 116. Turn on the stove, and then hold the handle with your finger pans and wave your gadget up to flip steak;

Level 117. The correct answer is forty;

Level 118. Tap on “OK” to complete the game;

Level 119. Aboriginal and Fire must be placed in the existing cart. It will remain with two fingers to enlarge the balloon;

Level 120. Tap quickly on a “ko-ko”;

Level 120 Tricky Test

Quickly click on “Ko-Ko”

Level 121. Use the quick tap on the line to erase the finish line. hell;

Level 122. Drag the obstacle to the finish line, then again quickly click on “ko-ko”;

Level 123. Once again, quickly tap on the “Ko-ko” to scale fatigue shifted to the right;

Level 124. Move the camera’s scope to the “yellow sheep”;

Level 125. First open the blinds. Then tap on the picture several times until a safe appears. In the last enter 5058 to open;

Level 126. Move the point from the sentence after the first Ones, getting “1.11”;

Level 127. Tap on the cross to the right of the “Tricky Test”;

Level 128. Move the sun to the left of the screen. On right You will see the Earth, which will need to be moved to the center. Rocket must be planted on our planet;

Level 129. The correct answer is six;

Level 130. With two fingers, reduce the cotton wool and eat it. in small pieces;

Level 131. Enter the code quickly to defuse the bomb.

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In our material, we examined how to go through everything existing levels in the mobile game Tricky Test. And brought the correct answers to all available levels in the game. Not recommend abusing the correct answers. Because self-found answer will bring much more pleasure than using ready-made options. Good luck.

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