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Vkontakte is trying to keep up with its competitors and constantly adding new features. It was recently launched VK Live application where you can watch and conduct direct broadcasts. A new feature has also been launched. “Stories” that allows you to send Messages that themselves are deleted during the day. Consider how to create a story on your page in more detail. how to make history in vk from phone <<�Истории>>first provided on Snapchat, then they appeared Facebook Messenger and Instagram. This function is intended to write messages along with stickers, photos, videos and signatures. They will be shown in the feed with friends and subscribers only a day, after which they themselves automatically delete.

How to create VKontakte stories

  1. This function is located in the News tab, located on лентой новостей:how to add history to vk from phoneФункция Истории доступнаonly on mobile apps for Android and iOS
  2. To create your own story, click on the icon <<�Моя История>>:how to write a vk story
  3. You can create stories from photos, take a new photo or video recording up to 12 seconds, you can also decorate them with stickers, stickers, text and emoticons. how to see the story in vk
  4. Files created in the last 24 hours can be used as messages. how to decorate a story in vk
  5. When you finish recording a story, you can choose who to send it to personal messages. The author will also be able to see the quantity and who looked through his story.
  6. The stories you and your friends created appear in the news. Most likely it will be possible to create stories with PC but on this is not possible at the moment.

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