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Do I need to delete an account in Nimses?

One of the claims often made to a Ukrainian startup Nimses is snooping. Each user of a social network can track by simply entering his nickname in the search – the application will show the exact location of his smartphone and even indicate the distance from him up to you. Moreover, Nimses does not even ask permission for this, in while the geolocation of VKontakte or Instagram can include disconnect at will.

Many people want to delete their Nimses account to disable this. surveillance. However, location tracking only happens if when the application of this social network is installed on the smartphone. If you delete it, geolocation will automatically stop. However, in the profile will still have the specified mobile phone and another information to hide which page will have to be deleted. If this it doesn’t matter, you don’t have to touch the profile, without the application itself Nimses will not deliver any inconvenience.

Nimses keeps track of its users, which may make you want to delete your account.

The main reason for deleting a Nimses account is tracking through phone number and GPS sensor

It’s worth stopping using the social network according to others reasons:

  1. It is uncomfortable. Firstly, the application simply does not work well – cheap servers are constantly disconnected, do not allow to register and enter online whenever you want. Secondly, its interface is devoid of intuitiveness – it’s so difficult to understand it that you have to Watch the tutorial on YouTube. Thirdly, it is unstable – Flies, freezes, slows down, overheats the smartphone.
  2. It is unpopular. Artificial explosion of popularity, what is happening now will fade as soon as the developers run out money for marketing. Few people will enter the social network, and there will be nothing to do. And about to drag their friends from VK or Facebook, you can not think at all.
  3. It does not work like cryptocurrency. It is assumed that in the future, the domestic currency (neem) can be used to purchases of goods and even for real money transfers. However for her earnings need to be constantly online, and now she does meaningless – suitable nims only to increase the number likes on your photos.

Thus, if you fell for hype and decided to try new Ukrainian social network, the best solution will be as possible get out of there faster, for which you need to learn how to remove Nimses account.

Nimses account deletion

The buttons “Delete profile”, as in normal social networks, in Nimses no. The only way to delete your account is ask for tech support. There are two ways to do this. ways:

  • write an email to [email protected], indicating your nickname, mobile phone number and date birth;
  • leave a request through the feedback form, indicating the same data and attributing the request for removal in free form.

You can use the feedback on the site to delete an account in Nimses

In the feedback form you need to specify information about your account in nimses

The administration has no right to refuse, so during some time the account will be deleted. Keep in mind that all Applications are processed manually in a live queue. Important: after of how the account in Nimses will be deleted, you need to uninstall application on the smartphone, otherwise the surveillance will continue – it works even for unregistered users.

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