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Subscribe to

For all users who get to service, he offers more than 60 thousand new licensed programs, films, cartoons, programs for adults and children. All this content free, but with ad impressions. For all comers invited separate ivi + directory where you can view content Without advertising.

Subscription for users is divided into two types.

  1. Ivy Plus offers over a thousand different TV shows, movies for 30 days you can watch any content from this package. It is available for 400 rubles to everyone. All videos from This package is marked with a blue pen icon.
  2. The second paid package is called “Blockbusters ivi +” – this collection of the best films from around the world, including domestic pictures. To watch one of these films you need pay from 100 rubles for each. Such films have a special Distinctive blue star icon.

How to unsubscribe ivi on TV

Disabling automatic subscription to ivi on TV is very simple.

  • To do this, open the application and find “My ivi”.


    Click “My ivi” in the app

  • Click Manage ivi +.

    Select “Manage ivi +”

  • Next, click “Disable ivi.”

    Disabling ivi subscription

    Click “Disable ivi” in the app

  • Confirm that you deactivate the subscription by clicking “Disconnect.”

    Disabling ivi Subscription

    Click “Disable” to confirm

When the shutdown is successful, you will see on the screen information window. Check out this information block and Click “Back.” In case you do not have an account and lost access to the TV where the paid subscription was connected, contact support on the service and you must will help.

Pros of the online cinema

Service has significant advantages over its competitors, let’s consider them:

  • The site was created by a large group of people who worked hard over the design of the service. All categories are appropriately and conveniently arranged, There is a convenient and quick search on content. is Russian service, it is also to some extent an advantage, no translation problems.
  • Although there is advertising in the free use case, it is does not interfere with viewing, navigation.
  • In a free account you have access to a large database licensed films, cartoons and series.
  • Convenient, intuitive interface.

It is also worth mentioning about the shortcomings, because they also have:

  • When developing the player, programmers clearly cheated. Inconvenient rewind video, rewind step in whole 10 minutes. If you missed a couple frames, have to re-review about 9 minutes already seen the plot.
  • You can watch all the most interesting films only when subscribe.
  • Android and iOS device users often complain that ivi application crashes often. Apparently the company overpay to programmers.

Despite this, remains an excellent supplier. high-quality video in the Russian-language segment of the Internet. Today it’s very difficult to find movies in good quality. Many similar sites post for public use pirated versions of films where sometimes the quality is poor. Disable ivi subscription to TV and stay on the service for future use services.

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