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What is website?

The operator Megafon created an informational web page where All content providers with which it collaborates are located. Many fact-finding subscribers will be interested to know who such content providers. And why does Megafon sometimes help them in advertising. Like other companies, all mobile operators highlight for small entrepreneurs, short numbers on their network. With them to us often receive promotional messages and offers subscribe.

But the operator itself is not responsible for the quality of services provided on short allocated numbers. It is necessary to remember for the future: interacting with them, we must rely on ourselves yourself. The page!/?tab=1 was created so that we can find information about the service provider, to which we connected to the Megaphone network.


This table has everything we need – short commands for subscription disconnection, provider website, description of services, cost per period, code for subscription, etc. The page is divided into two tabs: services from an intermediary and own services Megaphone. At the bottom of the main there is a small instruction on how to use the data, located on the site

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How to find out which subscriptions are connected on the number Megaphone

If you accidentally connected any service in the subscriber’s network A megaphone or service connected itself (as often it happens), the podpiskimf site will help you. Is not an automated service that does everything for you. Page is informational. Here are the codes for activation / deactivation of a subscription or service.

Codes for disabling services

Codes for disabling Megafon services

In this case, it becomes necessary to find out what services are connected. on my number.

This can be done like this:

  1. Type the word “STOP” or “STOP” in the SMS text message. AND send it to number 5051.
  2. After a while, a message will be returned. Is in it a list with all connected services on your room.
  3. The operator perceives the words “NO”, “UNFORMALITY”, “NO” instead “STOP”. You can send any of them in the message.

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The way to disable the service on

After you learn about connected services and how they are called, you can disable any of the subscriptions.

To do this, go to the main page of the site and we find it in the list:

  1. Find the name of the subscription in the first column of the table on the site;


    Column with the name of the Megaphone subscription

  2. The last column will contain the code and number to which it needs to be sent;

    Column with unsubscribe code

    Unsubscribing code column

  3. Create an SMS message in the text of which you want to write the word “STOP” and add the unsubscribe code from the table. Send all text to number 5151.

In response, a message will be sent informing the subscriber that the service successfully disconnected. This method is considered simpler. regarding the deactivation of services on the site in your account Megafon. Or in the mobile app.

Message about the need to visit the LC

A message about the need to visit the LC Megaphone

But in some cases, upon a request for a list of connected services users get the answer that you need to find out this information on your Megafon website page.

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Entrance to the operator’s personal account Megafon

Entrance to your personal account on the Megafon website is carried out on page We have the opportunity to enter by number phone or register to log in more comfortably website every time.

For this:

  1. Нажмите на кнопку “Personal Area” на главной сайта;

    Личный кабинет

    Click on the “My Account” button

  2. If you are not going to use the site constantly, but заходите только чтобы отключить услугу, нажмите SMS Login

    Вход по SMS

    Select “SMS Login”

  3. Enter your phone number and click “Next.” If you do not remember your number, click the “Remind” button at the bottom of the form number. “And the page will immediately show you the combination for it display;

    Remind number

    Number combination

  4. Select the “Password Login” tabs to register on the megaphone website. At the bottom of the form you need to select the link “Need password “. In a few seconds, he will come to SMS;

    Login form

    Password login form

  5. Enter the phone number and password from SMS in the form. Also enter figures from captcha. After that, click on the “Login” button;
  6. Найдите блок “Services and options” и в списке отключите все ненужныеpaid services to which your mobile number is connected.

    Услуги и опции

    Select the “Services and options” block in LC Megafon

Despite the statement of the operator that through the site disabling existing subscriptions is easier, many prefer to do this is through your account. Or a mobile application. Since here other features are available. For example, getting information about balance sheet and waste of money for a month or the whole period use of operator services. As well as obtaining information about suitable rates for us.

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