How to disable vibration on the keyboard Android


How to turn off keyboard vibration on Xiaomi

Mobile devices from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi popular all over the world. They are actively bought by users of countries. Europe, USA and CIS. All smartphones and tablets have a core Android with little changes. But overall virtual settings keyboards follow a similar scenario.

If you do not want to press the virtual button The smartphone responded with vibration:

  1. In the main menu, click on the “Settings” button;
  2. Найдите строку “Sound and vibration” и нажмите на неё;

    Sound and vibration

    Нажмите на пункт настроек “Sound and vibration”

  3. Next, turn off the “Vibration” item by moving regulator to the off position.


    Click on “Vibrate on call”

In the section with the vibration response settings, you can change other Parameters associated with this function. For example, you can disable vibration activation when the silent mode is on. Or customize smartphone shake intensity during calls and messages. Often smartphones by default have an activated response function when any action on the touch screen other than the keyboard. Its also can be disabled in the settings window. Sometimes it may be in other locations (depending on Android version and model devices).

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A way to remove vibration on Honor

Honor mobile phone owners forced to search manually The parameter that is responsible for the vibration response on the keyboard. For this setting is unacceptable to some. Each time you type a message, we are forced to endure the shake of the whole body. Although there are cases when this function is necessary. Visually impaired she helps a lot.

If you want to deactivate vibration on your Honor on OS Android:

  1. Click on the “Settings” icon in the main menu;

    Click on the icon

    Click on the “Settings” icon in the main menu of the phone

  2. Here we find a line called “System” and select it tap;

    Select item

    Select “System” in the smartphone settings

  3. Далее ищем и выбираем пункт “Language and input” ;

    Язык и ввод

    Select Language & Input

  4. Then you need to select the name of the keyboard that is set to as the main one on your Android smartphone. Most often Go Keyboard or SwiftKey are used. Therefore you need to find one from them in the list and select;
  5. Next, click on “Enter” and select “Sound and Vibration” (in Swiftkey);

    Select option

    Select the Input option in Swiftkey

  6. Find all items that are related to vibration and deactivate them.


    Turn off vibration settings

You need to also turn off the use of default response and item “Vibration when pressing keys”. These parameters are responsible for enable / disable vibration on the Android keyboard. In this menu You can also adjust the key sounds if the function is currently active. Select the volume level when pressed or turn off the sound button presses.

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Is it possible to deactivate vibration when pressing keys on the maze on Android

Most brands and models of Android phones have similar instructions for disabling vibration mode. But stand alone devices from Meizu. In them, the process is slightly different.

You can disable an unnecessary function as follows:

  1. Open the settings of your mobile phone;
  2. In the “Personalization” block, select the “Sound and vibration” item;

    Звук и вибрация

    Select Sound & Vibration

  3. In the window “Vibration feedback” click on the line “Off”.

    Turn off the vibration

    Turn off vibration in Meizu

Meizu devices have Costumize utility Vibrancy. It allows you to fine-tune the vibration in different areas of interaction with a mobile device. So way you can put or remove vibration on the system buttons enable / disable mobile internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other technologies. With the utility you can use vibration mode not only when answering calls, but also when they are completed.

Setting up a keyboard app for Android

The smartphone is not complete without a virtual keyboard. In different models install one of two popular applications: Swifkey or Go Keyboard. As a rule, they can be distinguished visually. The Go Keyboard on Android has separate keyboards. 3D simulation keys.

Go Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard Go Keyboard

Whereas Swifkey has a uniform canvas with keys. Produce settings related to the keyboard can be directly from applications. To do this, you need to find in the main menu of the smartphone corresponding icon and run it.


Swiftkey virtual keyboard

In the keyboard application, you can change any parameter that concerns entering text from the phone.

Application features: Explanation:
Customize the theme. Change the appearance of the keyboard.
Personalization Change the location of additional buttons and functions as you type text.
Sound accompaniment. Customize sound, vibration and a list of languages ​​that you can use and much more.

Other utilities can be downloaded to the Play Market and used by default them. They can also remove annoying vibration. keyboards in the Android system. But most of the third-party applications are developed by independent programmers. Which are not responsible for the quality of their product. Usually work such Applications is accompanied by bugs, crashes and crashes. Therefore we do not we recommend changing the virtual keyboard that is used by default is your mobile device.

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