How to disable VoWiFi on Huawei and Honor


Why turn off VoWiFi technology

Why might you need to deactivate VoWiFi? Reasons for this there may be several:

Causes Features
Your carrier does not support VoWiFi This is especially true for Russian regions in which many operators refuse to work with VoWifi rightly believing that this technology robs them of a portion of potential revenue. therefore such operators in every possible way impede the implementation of this technology, leaving their subscribers in this regard on a “starvation diet”.
Poor VoWiFi performance For various reasons, the subscriber may not be happy with the quality of work of this technology, and prefers to disable it functionality in your smartphone.
Your phone uses VoWiFi wherever you prefer communicate through standard communication Actual for a number of models of Chinese manufacturers.
Your carrier charges VoWi-Fi calls higher than standard calls Such precedents as a consequence of dishonesty of a number of operators also exist.

WiFi Calling - Not Supported

Some operators do not support WiFi Calling

Given the above reasons, let’s figure out which way you can turn off VoWiFi on smartphones of Chinese brands Huawei and Honore.


We figure out how to disable the Wi-Fi calling option on your gadget

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Instruction for Huawei

To turn off VoWiFi on Huawei phones you need to take a series of steps described by us below. Please note that this the algorithm may differ on different Huawei models, but this the difference, in general, is not significant.

So do the following:

  1. Go to the settings of your gadget “Huawei”;
  2. Select the option for network settings and the Internet (Network & Internet);


    Select the network settings option in Huawei

  3. Here we select the “Wi-Fi” settings option;

    Huawei Wi-Fi setup

    Select Wi-Fi Settings Option

  4. Next, tap on the option “Wi-Fi Preferences” (Wi-Fi preferences);

    Wi-Fi preferences

    Tap on “Wi-Fi preferences”

  5. In the submenu that opens, look for the item “Wi-Fi calling” (Wi-Fi calls) and deactivate it by moving the slider to leftmost position.

    Wi-Fi calling shutdown

    Deactivate the item “Wi-Fi calling” in the settings of your gadget

Honor Instruction

The Honor VoWiFi shutdown process is basically not different from the procedure on Huawei.

Do the following:

  1. Go to your Honor phone settings;
  2. Select “Wireless & Networks” network);

    Wireless & Network

    Select “Wireless & Networs” in the settings of your phone

  3. Далее тапните на пункт “Cellular Network” (или MobileNetwork);

    Cellular Network

    Select the option “Mobile Network”

  4. Find the Wi-Fi Calling option here. Wi-Fi) and deactivate it.

    Wi-Fi calling Honor shutdown

    Deactivate the option “Wi-Fi calling” on your Honor

In other Honor models, it will be possible to disable VoWiFi technology in the following way:

  1. Go to the home screen and select the settings option;
  2. Tap on the option “Wireless & Networks” (wireless networks);
  3. Here select “Mobile”;
  4. In the menu that opens, disable the “WLAN Calling” option (WLAN calls).

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In our material, we examined how to disable VoWiFi option on Huawei and Honor smartphones. And also what procedure for performing this operation. In general, the mechanism of such shutdowns are pretty similar to phones from different manufacturers, differing only in small details. Please note that this technology only finds its mass application in Russia. because the quality of her work is poor.

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