How to download VKontakte music for free


VKontakte is one of the most popular and frequently visited social networks in the post-Soviet space. Users VKontakte not only communicate with friends and strangers, but also use this social network in order to listen favorite audio tracks. Having access to high speed internet, can easily listen to your favorite songs online. But what to do when you want to download your favorite audio tracks and record them on PC hard drive, to a smartphone’s memory card, flash drive, etc.? In the article We will tell you several ways to download music from Vkontakte to a computer.

how to download music from VKontakte to the phone

Download music from Vkontakte in several ways

To download music, you can safely use:

  • song code;
  • various online services;
  • special software;
  • extensions, as well as plugins for browsers.

how to download music from vk to computer How to download music from VKontakte without programs

On a social network, each downloaded song has its own code, thanks to him, the song during playback and is loaded. Using this code (address), each user can download the selected audio track. Thus, opening a page on a social network with a list of songs, you need to right-click on the “play” icon necessary audio file. In the open context menu you need to select paragraph:

  • “Page source” for Mozilla Firefox browser;
  • “View item code” – Opera;
  • View Code – Chrome.

After that, in the open menu you need to find the following tag:

Next, inside the above tag, look for another tag:

And now you should copy the link inside this tag and open it. Next, right-click and save the song in right place.

download music from vk without installing programs It is worth noting the fact that this method does not always work.

What services to download music from VK

  1. Resource mymoo. Enter the site and in the search bar indicate name of the desired track and click search, i.e. Enter Will open composition, next to which the download button will be visible. download music from vk online
  2. Online service Open the resource allow access to your audio files on the page in social network, then indicate the place where you want to download songs. For example, from your personal page or from friends’ pages, groups.
  3. Resource Here you also allow access to your audio files, then indicate in the search the name of the desired audio track and download it.
  4. Download music from Vkontakte using a special software (programs).

A big minus of this method is downloading, and then installation of special software. Consider an example program VKMusic. VKMusic download music from Vkontakte First of all, you need her download. After that install and then run. Further you must log in using your username, password from your pages. Now you can download audio tracks and even listen them through this program.

Plugins and extensions for downloading music from VK

download music from vk chrome It is very popular as well very comfortable way. After installation, user social network will see a special button near the track. It is intended for download songs.

  • helper;
  • VKD;
  • VKSaver;
  • VK audio mp3 + video.

how to download music from vk via browser Some support almost all browsers, and the second is a specific browser. Thanks extensions and plugins VK users will forget about intrusive advertising and save time. You now have a large selection of methods music downloads. We also recommend an article on how can I upload a video to my VK page.

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