How to find out where the letter came from code


Standard barcode on mail

Since 2007, registered mail going through the “Russian Post” in mandatory completed with a bar code. The latter allows significantly speed up the sorting and distribution of letters as needed destinations, thereby reducing the delivery time of mail. Special Actual work with such codes in large post centers, sorting emails automatically using specialized machines.

Barcode on notice

Barcode on mail notification

Usually when registering outgoing registered mail to her an individual barcode is assigned. Such code usually contains information about the zip code, month number, postal number Departures and control discharge. Composite Image Elements separated by spaces.


Each postal item receives its own unique barcode

Thus, using the barcode and the one underneath special numbers you can get information about the postal Shipment, including sender information. Let’s figure it out How can I do that.

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A way to find out where a letter came from via a mobile application Russian Post

The most effective way to determine who sent you a barcode letter, is to use Russia’s mobile application (Android, iOS).

Do the following:

  1. Install the PR mobile application on your gadget;

    Russian Post Application

    Download the Russian Post app on your gadget

  2. Run it, and go to the section Tracking
  3. Click on the round button with a plus sign to activate the mail identifier;

    Click on the plus

    Click on the plus button

  4. In the form that opens, click on the button with the symbol barcode to the right of the search bar;
  5. Point the gadget’s camera to the stripes on the notice (registered letter) so that it fits completely in a red frame;

    Barcode red frame

    Put the barcode in the red frame

  6. You will see the mailing details, including information about his trekking path.


    Track the path taken by mail

Using the PR web resource to determine the sender by barcode

Another way to find out where it was delivered from written correspondence by graphic code is use of the Russian Post website. This resource has special form for entering the number, which is located under barcode in the mail. Thanks to this number, you You can get information about the sender of the letter and the tracking path mail correspondence.

A step-by-step algorithm for working with a resource is as follows:

  1. Go to the web resources of the Russian Post on;


    Go to the PR website �

  2. In the appropriate field, enter the number (usually consists of fourteen digits) that you can find under the barcode on notice (registered letter);


    Enter the specified barcode on the PR website �

  3. You will receive information about the sender of the registered letter, his trekking paths and other background information.

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International mailing resource

If a registered letter to your name came from abroad, you can try to track the place of its departure by a special code. IN This will help us the data of international postal operators who available at The site presents DB Schenker USA, DHL, DHL G.F., Fedex, UPS, TNT and others postal operators.

Use resource

The methodology for obtaining the information we need does not differ from the described alternative in the case of the Russian Post site. You find line of the corresponding postal operator, drive in the code there, located under the bar code in the mail notification, and you get necessary information.

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Above, we looked at how to find out where your a letter by a special barcode. Most effective solution in this plan is to use the PR mobile application, allowing using the gadget camera to get what we need data. If this option is not suitable for any reason, use mail service sites to get information from using a 14-digit number under a barcode.

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