How to flip the screen on a laptop


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  • 1 Flip the screen on the laptop using the key combination and other
  • 2 How to use graphic card settings to rotate screen
    • 2.1 Nvidia Cards
    • 2.2 Radeon Cards
    • 2.3 Intel Cards
  • 3 What to do if the screen is turned over

Flip the screen on a laptop using a key combination and other

In order to rotate the screen on the computer I recommend Use the following standard methods:

  • Use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + keys cursor (for example, the key combination Ctrl + Alt + arrow cursor to the left (←) will turn the image on your screen to the left by 90 degrees, the key combination Ctrl + Alt + up arrow (↑) will rotate 180 degree image and so on). Moreover, this method may not always work, and depends on the settings on your a computer;

    A combination of keys to rotate the monitor

    Keyboard shortcut for turning the monitor

  • Use your screen resolution settings PC. Go to the screen of our desktop, cursor put on any empty area, click the right mouse button there. IN the menu that appears, select “Screen Resolution” and, entering the settings screen in the “Orientation” option, select “Landscape”;

    System Screen Settings

    Screen System Settings

  • The same option, only in a different way. Go to “Control Panel,” then “Hardware and Sound,” in the “Screen” menu select the option “Adjust screen resolution” and set orientation as we need.

I recommend also checking your computer for availability viral programs. Some of the viruses (especially advertising) may affect the PC, including, and flip the monitor image. I recommend against viruses programs like Dr.Web CureIt !, Malware-Antimalware, AdsCleaner and others like them.

A flipped image might look like that.

Inverted image may look like this

How to use graphic card settings to rotate screen

In order to rotate the laptop screen, they can help us special applications for ATI Radeon, Nvidia, and Intel Below I will tell you how to use their functionality.

Nvidia Maps

Log in to the Nvidia Control Panel, select “Rotate” there. display “, determine the desired orientation and press “Apply.”

You can also get there by right-clicking on the icon Ndivia in the system tray, and in the menu that appears, select “Panel Nvidia Management. ”


Nvidia Settings

Radeon Cards

Open the graphics settings of your card through the control panel video card, find there the “Display Manager” submenu and in the options Rotate Select Standard Landscape.

Radeon Settings

Radeon Settings

Intel Cards

Entrance to the settings of integrated cards from Inter is made in a standard way. Just right-click on the corresponding tray icon, select “Display”, and there Choosing the right screen position.

Turn the screen to the correct position on Intel

Expand the screen to the correct position on Intel

What to do if the screen turned upside down

If for some reason the image turned upside down on laptop screen, and the question arose about how to turn the screen on laptop back, then use the above me tips using both standard system features and personal settings of graphic devices installed in your laptop kart. These tips will help restore your screen to its default position. and once again enjoy the stable and working functionality of your PC.

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