How to Get Free Stuff at Roblox


What are the things in Roblox?

In Roblox, players have the ability to create virtual items that can become valuable. Everyone can buy things players without exception. But only sell those that have hands (virtual) club builders subscription. There are also things that are strictly distributed by game administrators. For example, body parts, sets of body parts, accessories, equipment and another. The game still has items with a limited status. These may distributed in a builders club or catalog.

Things in Roblox

Things in Roblox

You can buy things for in-game currency – Robux. Them in turn can be purchased for real money. Pay robaxa available via paypal or credit card. It is possible to produce payment by other payment systems, but about them Russian users have heard little. Mostly all things are in game store. In Roblox, this section is called the directory. But here There are both paid and free things that are available to everyone.

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Rolox player profile

Your Roblox profile already contains a few things for which you did not pay.

Standard set of things

Roblox Standard Player Set

But this is a standard set: arms, legs, body, head, hair, shirt, face and so on. You can see existing things in the player’s profile. To do this, click on the top left menu. And select profile button.

A way to get free stuff

When you first start playing Roblex, you don’t have that much many sources of free stuff. The easiest and most affordable is a directory. Find it simply, on the main page, select link at the top of the “Catalog”.


Section “Catalog” in Roblox

The game is poorly translated into Russian. Based Of this, the most acceptable is English. The whole interface will be also in English. Therefore, you have to get to know him. You can translate some words in the translator.

Free item

Free item in the catalog

In the catalog all free items do not contain prices. And instead of her only the inscription – Free, which means “free.”

What should be done:

  1. Выберите такую вещь в списке и нажмите на кнопку “Get” вnext window;


    Click on the “Get” Button

  2. Confirm the purchase in an additional window;
  3. She will appear in your set. Most things in the catalog paid. Their price is presented in Robax. And on average, ranges from 20 to 1000.

But the way to manually iterate over paid things is embarrassing. And there is no guarantee that you will find other things with marked Free.

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Where to find all available accessories in Roblox

The catalog in the Roblox game has filters by which players can look for things suitable for them. But because all the points and sections in English, it becomes for many embarrassing.

The following method will help you find all available free things:.

  1. Select “All Categories” on the right, which means “all categories”;

    All Categories in the catalog

    Select “All Categories”

  2. The lower parameter “Relevance” can be left unchanged;
  3. Now go to the filters on the left. They are arranged vertically. Scroll to the bottom to find the section with the name “Price”


    Catalog price filters

  4. In it, check the box “Free”.

As we see, other hats are now available to us, new hairstyles, t-shirts, pants, t-shirts, baseball caps, faces and more.


Roblox Free Stuff List

How to wear free stuff

It will also be useful to know for beginners how such things put on:

  1. To do this, go back to your profile;
  2. Find below the clothes you purchased. She will be in a block called “Collection”;

    Collection of clothes

    Collection of your clothes

  3. Choose one of the things you want to try on Rolox;
  4. В следующем окне нажмите на кнопку “Try On” под вещью.

    Try On

    Click on the “Try On” button

Your character will instantly try it on. And it will appear in the block instead things. If you didn’t like it and you want to remove it, click on Take Off button. Under the fitting block, you can click on an asterisk to add the tried on thing to favorites. Near stars is the figure. It indicates the number of users who liked this thing.

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Receiving clothes in Roblox with a promotional code

Roblox promotional codes are another source free clothes. Official content often provides them. providers.

Where to get promotional codes: Where to enter promotional codes:
Several promotional codes can be taken on the game page encyclopedias on this link. They can also be found on the website. Codes must be entered in a special section at

Enter promotional code

Roblox promotional code page

Received promotional code (usually in English language) you must enter on the page the link to which is indicated higher. Each of them provides the right to a one-time receipt free stuff for your rolox account.

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