How to get Sberkot and Kushi stickers


What are these Sberkot and Kusya stickers?

Some VKontakte partners provide users free stickers to draw attention to your product. And we always welcome free surprises. So today we can get stickers from Sberbank. These are two cute cats – Sberkot and his cute girlfriend Kusya. A total of 52 cool and animated smileycot. They are enough to pass on to a friend short message without text.


Animated Stickers Sberkot and Kusya

In VK there is a separate group “Sberkot”. Located at It is useful to you in order to Get free animations. By the way, the group has some interesting publications and articles. If you are thinking about where you should study, then on the pages of the community you Find one of the articles on this topic. There are documents here that will be useful to credit card holders and other customers.

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How to get Sberkot and Kushu

All information about receiving stickers from Sberbank is in the group Sberkot. As happens with games and quizzes – the creators give incomplete explanations of actions or anything at all underestimate. But now we will go all the way to get set of funny smiles. So, let’s begin.

  1. First you need to go to the group (link above) and join into it;

    Sberkot Group

    Join the Sberkot group

  2. After that, click on the “Write message” button;
  3. Enter the word without quotes in the window: “Meow” and send;

    Write a message

    Write a message to get Sberkot and Kusya stickers

  4. In response, you will immediately see a message that you have received gift. Go quickly to your profile and unzip it.

    Message from the bot

    Message from the bot that you received 4 stickers

The message will send you a card with cute cats. And lower it is written that Sberkot is the most useful bot that will be for you send life hacks about saving and making money. You also bot will give the first 4 stickers. If you agree to let him into your “home”, reply again with the message: “Meow.” If you do not want to contact with this creature, in response send: “Kysh.” Even if you drive away cat, the first set of stickers will stay with you.

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How to get other Sberkot stickers

According to the conditions for receiving the stickers that the bot sent you – you You will receive 1 sticker every next week along with financial advice. Many people are already familiar with these stickers in the past. season. But then the code word for “cooperation” was – “Moore”. AND as practice shows – the current bot on the “Mur” does not respond. Bank started this game to attract new customers and to strengthen relationship with the current. The tips that the bot sends are really helpful.

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At first glance it seems like waiting for ages for getting the whole set is a futile undertaking. Do not forget that in the store most stickers you can only buy for real money. And Sberbank offers you to get Sberkot and Kushi stickers for free, even in installments. Now it remains to wait until you will write off the bot and send another sticker (maybe 2 at once) along with advice.

Now Sberkot and Kusya stickers are displayed in your relevant section. Create a message and choose a cat among sections. In stickers there will be 3 Sberkot and 1 Kusya. Probably different cat sets come to everyone. Maybe you will have 2 Kushi and 2 Savings. Try it yourself. If you try to write Sberkotu-bot again the code word “Meow”, after receiving the first 4, it will be fun to respond and say that he is already preparing stickers for us and advice.

Is it possible to get the whole set of Sberkot and Kushi at once

You can stop looking for ways to get the whole set at once. Sberkota stickers. They were created for you to give consent to receive messages from Sberbank. You only need now wait for the rest of the stickers and tips. Unfortunately does not exist no secret words or code message to receive immediately 52 Sberkot and Kushi stickers.

If you received the first small set of financially literate cats, but you can’t detect them – just reload the page and they will appear on your smiles page. Then you can send them to your friends.

Where else can I get stickers in VK

You may already have noticed that there is a store in the stickers section. Click on this icon to open it.

VK Sticker Shop

VK Sticker Shop

Now in the market itself, select the “Free” tab at the top.

Free stickers in VK

Free VK stickers

In this section, you can choose from several sets of stickers, which will stand nothing. To add a kit, select under him button “Free.” After that, it will appear in your general smileys. You can add them all and also get stickers. Sberkot and Kusya. In paid sets there are also more attractive ones, but they will cost you tens of votes on VKontakte. Wait some time to get additional stickers from Sberbank.

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