How to look in VK whom a friend added in friends


Whom did friend add to friends on Vkontakte?

In order to view the information we are interested in friends, we’ll use viewing updates on the site.

  1. Open your page in VK and follow the menu section “News”.
  2. Next, click on the “Updates” link.
  3. A list will open in which you will find the “Whom the user added as a friend “- this item is what we need.
  4. To make the information easier to perceive, you can configure filter on the right in the window by selecting an item with new friends.
  5. From now on, messages will appear on your page, who inform your friends about new friends.

    Select item from filter

    Select item from filter

Next, you can independently choose the people you are interested in from list. To expand the list, scroll to the page below.

VK updates provide various information to the user: which photos were uploaded to the groups you are a member of, what happens on the pages you follow and so on.


Set Up Alert Updates

To open a search by name, press Ctrl + F and enter the phrase which is the name and in some cases with a pseudonym, the right person. But there are conditions under which this method will not work. User who us interesting, may refuse to show friends in the news feed, which he adds in his settings. But the benefit is far from all users know about this setting, so it is used extremely seldom. To do this, you need to go to the section – privacy. AND remove the corresponding checkmarks.

Important friends on a friend’s page on Vkontakte

Not all users know that the size of the friends list is restrictions – 10 thousand. Although for the most part the list does not exceed 300 people. Have you ever wondered how friends are distributed in it? By viewing your page, you can easily understand that in the top you have those with whom you most often communicate. But there are times when a person is at the top, with whom you no longer communicate. These are the accounts you are more likely to Total visited, commented and viewed photos. Also in the top recently added friends get in if your activity subside on their page, they will go down the list.

But when you open your friend’s page, you’ll notice that friends are on it distributed differently. You will be in the first place. Further shared friends with this user, the more common friends of the user in the list, the higher is this user on your friend’s list. When mutual friends end users will be listed with a friend by registration date in VK. Therefore, the importance of friends on your friend’s list as usual it’s impossible to find out. This suggests that privacy users is important for a social network.

How to view photos that a friend has closed for general viewing?

Locked photos can be viewed thanks to the innovation of the service “Fast photo view.”

  • We turn on a new function (accelerated photo viewing mode).
  • We pass to the item “Photos on which the user is marked” (access to this is required, otherwise it will not work).
  • Choose any open photo and view along with closed, as in normal mode. All photos from the closed album will be available.

Turn on accelerated photo viewing mode

Enable Quick Photo View

This method is possible due to the “curve” of the development of this functions by VK programmers. Most likely, this “bug” in the future will be fixed, but for now you can use it.

Access to private sections of a friend in VK

One of the most popular and interesting topics is access to private pages and sections in VK. Sometimes friends close sections on their page, for example: audio recordings or photos. But still they understand closed – it means something interesting. Satisfy your curiosity it is possible with the help of small manipulations with the address bar of the browser on Vkontakte page.

Vkontakte Music

Music Vkontakte

Each user has his own id (ID). Who still doesn’t know what such an ID is a unique number that is assigned to each by user. In the browser line, it looks like this: Each section has its own name in line, after the main domain and slash. For example, a page with music looks like this: Combining friend ID and name section in the browser line, we will get access to the closed section. Thus, you can access any closed profile and section, I combine the name of the sections in Latin letters and the number user.

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