How to make a middle name in VK 2019


Why did you remove the middle name in VK

Initially, the creator of “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov positioned VK as a youth social network for students on the borders of the CIS (post-USSR). In Vkontakte there was a field “Patronymic”, in which those who wish entered their name as well as their nickname.

With the rapid growth of the Vkontakte audience, the administration accepted decision to transfer VK to the international level. In the format of the latter the Patronymic field is losing its relevance, as foreign users are very good at first and last name. Because it was decided to remove the specified field from user pages VK.

In the field of innovation

In the course of innovations, the Patronymic field disappeared from the functional VK

Another argument against the existence of a middle name in VK was his lack of search. The presence of a middle name did not help much in the search the right person, so it was decided to abandon him.

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Field “Middle Name” in VK 2019 – is it possible to put?

So today’s social network HTML code in 2019 “Vkontakte” does not imply the presence of the “Middle Name” field on the page users. However, many enthusiasts are trying to turn “time back”, and edit using a browser HTML code with VK servers.

Indeed, after such changes on the user page the Middle Name field appears. But they forget to explain that Vkontakte HTML code on the server remains unchanged. Because when Subsequent entry into the VK field “Middle Name” will disappear from your pages.

However, the network shows ways to enable the field Patronymic in VK 2019. Their effectiveness in connection with the one we brought We do not guarantee information. In this case, everyone can try them in practice, and from my own experience to draw a conclusion about working the nature of these tools.

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VKOpt plugin will help return missing fields

The plugin “VKOpt” is a multifunctional plugin for your browser that changes the functionality of Vkontakte according to your desires. Initially, it was positioned as a convenient tool. for downloading music and videos from VK, but over time went far beyond your limits. Among its features is the addition of the Patronymic field, which you can change to your needs.

Install the plugin, activate it, go to edit data of your page. There, find the “Middle Name” field in VK 2019, and change it according to your desires.

Thanks to the plugin

Thanks to the plugin “VKOpt” the middle name field is again available for editing

Editing VK HTML

Another way to make a middle name in VK in 2019 is to change html code of VK page. The effectiveness of this method is doubtful, but judging by the reviews, he helped a lot of VK users. For To edit the code, use the Google Chrome browser.

Do the following:

  • Go to the mobile version of Vkontakte at;
  • Click the cursor on the line with your last name;
  • Click RMB, select “View Code”;
  • A window with html-code will appear on the right, in which it is highlighted in blue the line where you are now;
  • Right click on this highlighted blue line and select “Edit as HTML “;


    Select “Edit as HTML”

  • Copy this line (RMB-copy);
  • Press Enter and from the next line paste the copy you copied line;
  • In the line just inserted, instead of “last_name”, we write “middle_name”;
  • In the field where your last name is registered, write your middle name;

    Register middle-name

    Register middle-name and your middle name

  • Next, click anywhere in the code just above, then click on a cross on top to close the code editing window;
  • At the bottom, select “Save”;
  • Go to your VK page, click on the option at the bottom left “Full version” (site);
  • Your middle name will appear next to your first and last name, which will allow you to make a middle name in VK 2019.

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Above, we looked at why Vkontakte removed the Patronymic field with its functionality, as well as how to make a middle name in VK 2019. Remember that VC specialists regularly monitor and eliminate existing holes in their program code. So be prepared, something, what works today will become ineffective tomorrow.

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