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Likee’s handsome nickname is the key to success

As you know, a popular application for creating short videos “Like” (Android, iOS) gives ample opportunities to change your nickname. The latter is not assigned to you once and for all, you can change the nickname in Likee when you like. It gives wide Opportunities for choosing the style and image of your account.

Likee App

The “Likee” application allows you to change your nickname at any time

If initially your nickname is poorly selected, you can always change it to a brighter, louder and more memorable option. The chosen nickname should reflect your personality, life style, tastes and values, hobbies and interests. Pick one nick so that its name can be easily correlated with what you express you want to tell the world what you have achieved or desire to reach.

Nickname of value

Your nickname should express what is valuable and significant to you

How to make a spectacular nickname in Like

When creating a virtual name, you can pay attention to following options:

  • Nicknames reflecting your personality. Such nicknames may reflect certain features of your personality, character traits, temperament.

For example, it can be Icy (Icy), Loony (Crazy), Sting (taunt), Missy Mischief (Miss Problem), Giggles (Giggle), Hot stuff, and others.

Nick Ice Like

Perhaps the nickname “Ice” will suit you

  • Nicknames based on your physical data. Such names reflect the features of your figure, your facial features and more.

Examples include Shortcake, Little Blue eyes (Blue eyes), Blonde (Blonde), Freckle (Freckle), Long legs (Leggy), Amazon (Amazon) and others.

Amazon Girl

Or maybe the nickname “Amazon” is right for you.

  • Nicknames for Laika based on your manners and skills file yourself.

These nicknames can be Fast fingers, Cloudy eyes, Marshmallow, Marshmallow, Happy Feet (Happy legs) and others.

Cloudy eyes

Or maybe sky and clouds are reflected in your eyes, and you Do you deserve the nickname Cloudy eyes?

  • Names based on your name. Such nicknames may include Your name (surname), modified by one or another way.

Nick Oxy

OXY – short and sonorous!

For example, Alicia (from Alice), Oxy (Oksana) and others.

Services and programs for creating virtual names

Make a beautiful and effective nick for the social network Like also A variety of services and applications will help you.

Among them, we note the following:

  • Приложение “Stylish text” (Android, iOS) – позволяет создать иbeautifully decorate nickname in Likee with various character options;

    Stylish text

    The Stylish Text application has a huge amount of styles for settings

  • Nickname Generator app – allows you to generate random nicknames like cyrillic and latin. Allows choose the length of the future name;
  • “NikStudio – colored nicknames” – allows you to not only create nicknames for Laika, but also paint them in different colors.

    Nickname application

    The application “Nickname” will not only help to create a nickname, but also paint it in different colors

If the listed applications do not suit you, we recommend pay attention to a number of network services that allow you to do beautiful virtual names.

Among them:

References: Description: Decorate your nickname with beautiful symbols. Simply write your name in the line, click on the “Start!” below and you Get your nickname in beautiful letters in various options. A popular online site for generating nicks. After switching to site click on “Generate more.” This is a simple and convenient Russian-language name generator on Latin alphabet.

Way to change your nickname in Like

If you have decided on your future name, and want to change him in Like, then you need to do the following:

  1. Tap on your avatar in Like;
  2. Going to your profile again tap on your profile picture;
  3. Then select the “Edit” button;

    Edit nickname

    Select “Edit.”

  4. In the opened data of your profile, tap on the line “Name” and indicate your desired nickname in Likee;

    New Nickname Like

    Enter your new name in Like

  5. Your nickname will be saved and you can take advantage your new name.

It’s also useful: how to come up with a nickname on Instagram.


In our material, we examined how to make beautiful and spectacular nicknames in your Like. And also what applications and services they will help us with this. Please note that in creating the name to us a variety of services and tools available such as online and in the form of applications installed on the phone. Them opportunities allow not only to create a beautiful nickname, but also decorate the nickname with various symbols, which will make it bright, Stylish and attractive to other users.

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