How to make Skype calls? Tariffs for calls to mobile and landline numbers


For new Skype users, it should be noted that with using this program you can make calls between program users for free and to other numbers (for example, to a fixed home number or mobile). Like this do in the new version of Skype consider in more detail.

how to make Skype calls from computer to computerBut pay attention that calls on the Internet are free, but for a call to Mobile or landline number need to be paid. In this article we We will tell you how to call program users and others. numbers. Calls can be made to other countries, and at the same time completely free if you do this via skype.

If you do not have skype yet – it’s time to start it. About installation and registration of this program are written in the same section in other articles. Other than that, you need a microphone and speakers (or headphones), without this you will not be able to communicate. If The microphone does not work for you, detailed instructions on how to configure it on our website.

How to call via Skype for free?

  • Run the program and log in using your username and with a password. Choose who you want to call from your friends list. To make a call click one of the options shown in the picture ниже:how to call a new subscriber on Skype
    1. Открывается меню звонки, здесь выбираем необходимый контакт иclick on the tube.
    2. In open chat, click on the tube and make a call.
    3. Clicking on the username opens an additional menu, where can I start the call.
  • A connection window will open. Beeps will come and wait for them to take the receiver. how to call on Skype for free
  • When your interlocutor answers, you can begin to communicate. In communication time you can do anything on your computer – write messages, browse the Internet, etc. it will not affect your conversation in any way. You can also enable video calling. if you have a webcam, also show your screen. how to call on Skype on a mobile
  • To end the conversation, click on the red button, as on figure. It is also worth noting that you can create a conference – calls with several people at the same time.

Skype rates: how much are calls to mobile and landline phones

In order to make calls to mobile and landlines Phones must have funds in the account. Replenish it can be very easy:

  1. In the program, click on your profile in the upper left corner. Here You can adjust all the settings in the program, as well as check and recharge subscriptions for calls to landline and mobile numbers. Click on “Subscriptions and money on Skype account” how much does it cost to call from skype to mobile
  2. Call rates are different from what country you want to call. To see the full list of available subscriptions click “Add Subscription” or simply replenish your account in the browser a window will open automatically where you can see all the options payment. skype rates for calls
  3. We choose the country in which we want to make calls and to us offer affordable packages, or click “use money to Skype account to call anywhere. “You can top up your account minimum $ 5.

To check the cost of calls, click on the link where all packages and cost per minute for the one you need are indicated countries.

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