How to make strikethrough text in Watsap


Why use strikethrough in messages

Many users are interested in why use strikethrough WhatsApp messaging text. Usually this type design is used in a situation where it is necessary to indicate that we think for sure, but for some reason cannot write it. Therefore, such text is placed in strikethrough so that the user can read it and understood what the author means.

We can also see crossed out text as crossed out an alternative from the options listed.


Crossed out options in the list

Also, such a design can often be found on various sites, but in messengers it is quite rare. Often this is due to the fact that users do not know how to create such an effect.

Therefore, let us shed light on this question and analyze how way you can get crossed out text when writing in Watsape.

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How to make strikethrough text in an application WhatsApp

To get a crossed out word or a whole sentence in Whatsapp needs to do the following:

  1. Launch your messenger;
  2. Go to the text message set for the desired user
  3. If you want to make the entire message crossed out, then in it At the beginning and end, place the “~” sign known as “Tilda”. For his receipt on a PC, you must go to the English layout, after why click on “Shift + ё”.
  4. If you want to make only part of the message crossed out, then type part of the message in the usual way, and that part, which you want to cross out, designate “tilde” at the beginning and end;
  5. It remains to press enter (send), and your recipient will receive the effect you need.

    Tilda Sign

    Use the tilde sign to cross out

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Using the text menu functionality on Android and iOS

In addition to the above standard method, get Strikethrough text in the Vatsap application can be done using the following steps:

  1. Launch your WhatsApp;
  2. Go to the message exchange form with the desired user;
  3. Type the desired text to send, part of which or all the text you want to make crossed out. Press and hold text;
  4. Click on the button with three vertical dots just above;
  5. The text option menu appears. Choose there crossed out;
  6. It remains to click on the send message button, and it will be sent to chat with your interlocutor.

This method is similar for both Android OS and iOS. On the iPhone, you can also hold the text, and then select the font you need.

Other word processing options on WhatsApp

In addition to getting a crossed out offer in Vatsap, you also can use other options. In particular:

  • Bold – can be obtained by putting in at the beginning and at the end the symbol “*” (asterisks). For example, like this: *example*;
  • Italics can be obtained by putting at the beginning and end the desired segment of the text is the symbol “_”. For example, like this: _example_;
  • Monospace text can be obtained by putting at the beginning and at the end three quotation marks. For example, like this:


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In our article, we looked at how you can do Strikethrough text for correspondence at Watsap. Use the methods we have listed that allow you to get the desired effect and send it to your interlocutor. These methods work like OS “Android” and on iOS, and can be easily used with desire to cross out all (or part) of the text you are sending.

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