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In this article we will look at how to quickly promote a group. In contact with. How can the VKontakte group help us? 9 tips for quickly promote your group in VK.

Promote VKontakte group We created a public in VK with quotes, and invited their friends, and four days later it was already all our friends and some friends of friends. We wanted to earn on his public, and began to wind up the bots. Everybody did it manually: all day to click, and after 5 days in our public already there were four thousand people who were not interested in recordings in group. It was thought that having recruited in this way one hundred thousand people, to advertisers will start contacting us, but there’s nothing happened. After that, we started creating sites. Created a new public in VK, provided reports on its achievement their goals. In this public, people followed how in two months we were able to make money on the Macbook Pro. This blog started to bring us customers on our projects. We invested our money in advertising, tested what really works, and what you should not pay Attention. We have made 9 points that you should stick to untwist a group in VK.

How to promote a VKontakte group for free

1. Create a group, not a public. Invite to it people. Closer to ten thousand subscribers, transfer the group to public.

The most popular VKontakte groups

2. Create posts that people will want to share. Type: “100 ways to attract customers”, “20 films that are necessary see. “Friends reposting can go to your public and subscribe if they like.

3. Go to Wordstat Yandex and find the request that people are searched most often. Create a unique description in which keywords are repeated. If you did everything right, then your a group with two thousand subscribers will be higher than a group with four thousand but whose keyword is only in title. The number of subscribers is the last of the number of factors that affects the output of your group to the top.


4. Ranking in search engines. Yandex and Google willingly Bring VKontakte groups to the top according to medium-frequency queries. Write a key phrase in English in the group domain. Sections discussions are displayed for small requests, which means you can separate sections with writing small articles and in this way get visitors. You should not pin a post in the header of the group, since search engines will not see them.

New Vkontakte contests

5. Competitions. If you need to find customers, then play free service or product.

Competitions in Vkontakte

6. Exchange of posts and links with similar publics. If your the group already has over a thousand live subscribers, then you can Share links and posts with other similar groups.

7. E-mail newsletter. If you have a business, then most likely you use the E-mail newsletter, and if not, I highly recommend it. It’s worth adding a link to your public mailing list.

Send a letter to Vkonatkte

8. Buying posts. Find a public that sells ads on low prices. Do not be fooled at a too low price – more likely total, this group will not bring results. Calculate such a group simple – activity of such groups is irregular.

9. Targeted advertising on VKontakte. A good tool if You need a specific target audience. Advertising setup deep, but it’s worth testing 4-8 texts or pictures to find an option that can be run on several days until the price for one subscriber starts to soar.

Purchase advertising VKontakte

Log in to your Vkontakte page right now and start promotion of an existing group or create a new one.

These 9 little rules helped us promote our group. Vkontakte.If you know what other ways you can attract people in the new group, write in the comments.

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