How to read someone else’s correspondence in VK


Can I see someone else’s correspondence on VKontakte

It’s safe to say that most of the qualities attributed to hackers are fictitious. They are inspired popular films about people who don’t stop before any digital locks. Hackers certainly exist. Main their tool is developer error. But today, most Vkontakte social network vulnerabilities have been fixed. And get access to the profile page is almost impossible. Moreover it is still and criminally punishable.

On the Internet you can find programs that supposedly can access any VK page.

And make sure that they act in the same way principle:

  1. First you need to specify the profile identifier that you need hack;
  2. Then provide your email, which will be Received data sent
  3. And pay for the service.

But, as you may have guessed, you don’t have any messages from crackers receive. Just replenish the piggy bank of scammers. And increase the list naive people for one more point. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t can see other people’s posts.

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How can I see the conversations of other users

Most likely you need correspondence of your friends or relatives people. Do you want to know what they think or say about you communicating with others. You can become a spy for a while tirelessly gather the necessary information. To finally get desired correspondence on VKontakte.

If this is your friend, you need to find out about him as much as possible personal information:

  • Address of residence;
  • Date of birth;
  • Pet names;
  • Data of loved ones (wife, mother, children);
  • And so on.

The more data you collect, the more successful it will be to hack someone else’s pages. Next you will need a special browser – Tor. You can download it from the official website: This is a reliable program, without any viruses and harmful code. You need it for anonymity in when reading someone else’s correspondence. The way you will engage in criminal activity, it is important not to be noticed. Otherwise, your IP address may be blocked. And you cannot enter VK to your page.


  1. Open VK through the Tor browser;


    Web Browser Tor

  2. Enter your mobile phone in the “Login” field of the form authorization;
  3. And click on the link “Forgot your password?”;

    Link to VK if you forgot your password

    Link to help in VK, if you forgot your password

  4. On the next page, the social network offers us to enter the number mobile phone to send a secret access code to it. With it, you can restore the page. But just like access to we don’t have a “victim” smartphone, select the “Click here” link below;

    Password recovery in VK

    Link for password recovery in VK if there is no access to the telephone

  5. Next, you are prompted to enter the identifier of your page. If you don’t know him, you can open your real page, Go to the jailbroken and spy ID;
  6. Or use the people search by clicking the link below.

    Search people in VK

    Opening a search for people in VK

The system may ask you to provide additional information, For example, the name of your favorite pet or maiden name mothers. But if you have successfully completed the first part of this instruction, then you will have all the necessary data. This way you can log in someone else’s page in Vkontakte and go unnoticed. Wherein, having received the correspondence in the original.

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A way to read the correspondence in VK a loved one

If you need to read the correspondence of your wife, husband or child in Vkontakte, then you are more likely to do this. The most impatient probably already demanded from households to open their personal messages. But if presenting “head-on” is not your method, then you can to go the trick. Surely you have ideas on how to distract a loved one from the computer while he is in social networks. Ask your husband (son) to immediately take out the trash. Wife say that they ask her on the phone.

Getting up from a computer, we usually just minimize the browser, to later continue to chat in VK. Those you do will do the same. make absenteeism. In the meantime, you calmly open the desired section. You can copy messages to notepad to read all a little later. If the “suspect” goes to VK from a mobile applications, the task is simplified for you. Lend a phone for important call and open the social media mobile client.


Google Chrome Browsing History Page

You can get some information from your general home computer. If you need to establish the person with whom your loved one is in correspondence, use the browser history. Where it is located – read on the Internet for your navigator. IN stories are all the pages viewed. Usually, information divided into categories by day, week, month. Choose your desired date and see which pages were open during this period.

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Using “Robot” for VKontakte

The program, or as it is now customary to call them – “bot”, under The name Brobot is a universal assistant for those who need fake pages in VK. These pages are used to so that bots like and repost entries on this page In contact with. A very useful program for people who practice promoting social media profiles. But we can use her for your task, to read someone else’s correspondence.

It is completely safe for your VK account and data. a computer. It does not need to enter your passwords or send SMS to paid numbers. You need to create a fake new VK page and connect our Brobot to it. The page should be attractive to the person whose correspondence you want to read. Then configure the bot to search for friends and other activities. To this profile looked as natural as possible.

Robot Setup

Configuring Brobot for VK

Send the application as a friend to the right person. Chat with him a little to build relationships. Place on pages fake profile interesting publications to him. For example, for a guy it can be candid photos of young girls. Then we suggest that he leave a few words on the page on which he is already waiting for the trap. The page prompts him to enter a username and password, after which we will receive this data.

How else can you see another person’s correspondence

There is a special kind of program called keylogers. They are known for recording all keystrokes on a computer keyboard in special file. Opening it, you can find out what words user typed. The popular Punto Switcher utility is not only an automatic keyboard layout switch, but also keylogger.

Punto Switcher

Punto Switcher Feature Description

By installing the program from the site, you You will be able to follow the input offers on the computer. Of the history of this program, you can find the login and password from the page Vkontakte. Go to the profile with this data and yourself read someone else’s correspondence on VK social networks. Do not forget to delete data from browser history. Also configure the program so that it does not gave out keyboard tracking. You can find out all the details. on the download page in the Help section. Punto Switcher may be installed and configured not only on your computer. the main thing make it invisible to the owner of the PC.

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