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  • 1 Ban in chat roulette – implementation features
  • 2 Pay for unlock
  • 3 How to bypass the blacklist using VPN
  • 4 Delete the system files to remove the ban
  • 5 Reset your phone to factory settings.
  • 6 Use external tools
  • 7 Conclusion

Ban in chat roulette – implementation features

As you know, the administration of “Chat Roulette” tightens sanctions against “naughty” who are increasingly getting into the ban. There is and material interest, since the banned user can get rid of the ban for a fee, component from 250 to 600 rubles. Because the administration service actively resorting to the ban, hoping that the active “naughty” will make their monetary contribution to the development of the project.

Remove Ban: Payment

You can remove the ban for a fee

The ban itself is formed on the basis of a unique ID key, generated based on the characteristics of the user computer or gadget. And although such a “microshot” of the computer allows effectively ban violators, it leaves a field for circumvention this ban.

Microspot of the intruder

Chat roulette creates a unique micro-snapshot of the intruder

Let’s see what ways to remove ban in chat roulette available.

Pay for unlock

The first and easiest way to unlock ban in chat Roulette is an unlock fee. Pay with your cards corresponding amount, you will be unlocked, and you will be able use the functionality of this service. And so on until the next bana.

Pay Ban at Chat Roulette

Pay ban unlock in chat roulette

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How to bypass the blacklist using VPN

The second effective way to get around ban in chat roulette is use of VPN tools. It’s far from a secret that ban in chat roulette is organized by user IP. VPN usage allows replacing the user’s IP with a fictitious one, and thereby bypass the lock.

Free vpn Paid VPN
Communication quality in chat roulette may deteriorate due to slowing down the speed of traffic. Paid VPNs usually offer good reception speeds and data transmission.


VPN allows you to bypass ban and blocking. What are the VPN tools choose, we suggest you decide for yourself. Nice results on mobile platforms gave the use of the application “Orbot Proxy complete with Tor. “Download and install this application on your gadget, and then activate VPN in it. It will remain to launch “Chat Roulette “and enjoy it bypassing the ban.

Orbot Proxy bundled with Tor

Use Orbot Proxy bundled with Tor

Delete system files to remove ban

Good results, allowing you to remove the ban in chat roulette, gave removal of a number of system files that are responsible for mold of a mobile gadget.

Therefore, if you were banned from Chat Roulette, go to memory of your phone, and delete the following folders there:







At the very bottom, also delete the “data” file.

Delete chat roulette folders

Delete the specified folders

Next, erase the Chatruletka application itself, reboot phone, and reinstall Chat Roulette with Play Market. Ban can be bypassed.

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Reset your phone to factory settings

Also good results that allow you to get around the ban in Chat Roulette, Resets the phone to factory settings. Reset button located in the settings of your phone, in the “Backup copying “(or equivalent).

Reset Android

Reset to factory defaults.

Please note that your files in the phone’s memory when reset will be completely removed, and progress in games may be lost. Therefore, go to such a step only if you aware of all possible risks.

Use external tools

There are also a number of programs whose creators promise a workaround Ban in Chat Roulette. The most popular program of this genre is this is a “shareware” anti-banner (free you can remove the ban only once). At the same time trust the functionality we do not recommend such programs – instead of deleting a ban, you can add a virus to your system.

Anti-banner program

Use the functionality of the Anti-Banner program


In our article, we examined how to quickly remove the ban in chat roulette, and what you need for this. Among those listed by us tools most recommend VPN. It gives effective result, albeit with a slight decrease in connection speed, video and sound quality.

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