How to remove all entries from the VKontakte wall?


You have long registered in Vkontakte and already have been using this social network for several years? Surely you have for this time, a lot of different notes, reposts accumulated on the wall which you don’t need? In the social network “Vkontakte”, unfortunately for many users, it is not possible to remove all of the user wall entries. Sometimes it is simply impossible to scroll through the entire tape recording on the wall. How to clean the wall of VkontakteAlternately, uninstalling all posts manually takes a lot of time, especially if the power has not been posted for several hundred or more than four hundred notes. There are several ways to quickly remove entries from the VKontakte wall.

How to clean Vkontakte wall of posts?

Deleting entries using the page code view every page in The Internet has its own editing code, which allows the various manipulations with the contents of this page. Also, delete all of the time from the wall using page code?

  1. Go to the pageVkontakte, which should be removed all at once in the wall;
  2. Click the right mouse button in the free space on the page;
  3. Select item “View item” Delete all posts from the VKontakte wall
  4. The bottom or right side of the page will open the tools for developers;
  5. At the top of the box, select the console;
  6. Pastevarz code = document.getElementsByClassName (“post_actions”); vari = 0; functiondel_wall () {varfn_str = z [i] .getElementsByTagName (“div”) [0] .onclick.toString (); varfn_arr_1 = fn_str.split (“{“); varfn_arr_2 = fn_arr_1 [1] .split (“;”); eval (fn_arr_2 [0]); if (i == z.length) {clearInterval (int_id)} else {i ++}}; varint_id = setInterval (del_wall, 1000);
  7. Press Enter to confirm the deletion of all the entries on the VKontakte wall;
  8. Removing automatically one second is removed one postosteny; We clean the wall of Vkontakte in one click
  9. After the end of the deletion process, the page entries must be reloaded, and in the original script continue to try to delete the existing existing records from the wall.

You can now go to your Vkontakte page and clear your wall of unnecessary entries.

The method of deleting records from the wall on the page Contacting by using the code of the page elements is the most common way to delete posts. The user gets the opportunity to get rid of all the unnecessary records at once, even if it is not necessary, it is also necessary. We hope you helped this method of cleaning the wall of records.

If you still know how to delete all entries, write in the comments.

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