How to reset Google account after reset settings


Simple ways to bypass Google Account Lockout

If you encounter a problem logging into your Google profile, try some simple workarounds. Often it happens that users enter valid data, but a smartphone refuses to accept them for unknown reasons. If you this is the case, try again after 24 hours. IN Depending on the version of Android, the smartphone may not even accept real data for some time.

If after this period the smartphone still doesn’t let you in into the system, wait another 48 hours. After 72 hours after Resetting the smartphone must accept the login details. If not happened, contact the store where the device was purchased. Specialists should help you solve the problem. With myself be sure to have all the documents that were issued by the store at the time of buying. If you purchased a used device, ask the previous owner to provide you with details for entrance.

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How to untie a device from a profile via a web browser

So that the device does not request a login and password from the entrance and let us into the system, you need to remove it from your account web version. This method will help if you forget your login details but still have a web browser the ability to get into your account.


  1. Open a browser on your computer, and in the search engine, enter the query “Google Account”;


    Google Account Search

  2. The account settings main page will open. Left menu выберите пункт “Security” ;


    Security item in your Google account

  3. Drop the page down and find your devices “;

    Your devices

    Block “Your devices”

  4. At the bottom of this block, click the “Manage devices “;


    Device Management Button

  5. Select the desired device on which login problems and нажмите кнопку “Close access” и подтвердите этиsettings.

    Закрыть доступ

    Close Access Button

Try logging into your Google profile again through your phone. If fails to do this, move on to another method.

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A non-standard way to reset your Google account after full reset

In many Android OS models, users managed to get around blocking with the help of a found “hole” in the protective system. She most likely will not work on the latest models of the system. because as developers have already discovered and eliminated it. With the help of this way you can log in and delete your account to create new or log in under another.

What should be done:

  1. When a message appears that you need data to log in From the account, the Next button does not work. Sign

    Screen asking you to enter data from your Google account

    To skip this step, you need to turn on insert a SD card (flash drive) into the smartphone. In case you need to shoot battery to access the flash drive, use an OTG cable;

    Insert a flash drive

    Insert the USB flash drive into the device

  2. When the flash drive is connected to the smartphone, a dialog box appears. window. In it, click “OK”;


    Select OK

  3. The “Settings” screen should appear on the phone хранилища”. Storage Settings

    Экран “Настройки хранилища”

    Find “Application Data …” here and select his;

    Application and multimedia data

    Item “Application and multimedia data”

  4. Then in the next screen, select “Settings”;
  5. Опустите снова экран вниз и найдите кнопку Run in the “Launch Application” section;


    Run Button

  6. After that, the system will show us the Android settings. Find здесь пункт Recovery and Reset ;

    Восстановление и сброс

    Item “Recovery and reset”

  7. Select “Reset DRM and delete all licenses”;


    Click Reset DRM

  8. Now go back and select “Reset”;
  9. And confirm this setting. In some cases, you can delete account in the settings.

After a while, the phone will reboot, reset all data Google account on your smartphone and again will show a menu to enter. Now you will need to create a new profile. If this method doesn’t helped you reset the data, read the article further.

Android settings with QuickShortcutMaker

This is another non-standard approach to the case when you cannot Get into your Android device with FRP. When hit on screen with requesting data entry, you must return to the place with a choice language.


  1. Select English from the list;


    Language selection

  2. Then press the “Home” button quickly 3 times. She located in the middle of the three main buttons on the smartphone panel. The voice assistant should notify you that TalkBack switched on;
  3. Switch back to Russian. On screen need draw an oblique line with your finger. Around the area that demonstrated in the screenshot. Repeat if necessary. action several times;

    Swipe the screen

    Swipe your smartphone’s screen

  4. The general context menu should open. In it you need to choose TalkBack Settings . The app is also called Android. Accessibility Suite

    Настройки TalkBack

    Select “TalkBack Settings”

  5. When the settings open, you need to turn off TalkBack the same way – press 3 times on the “Home” button;
  6. Then select “Privacy Policy” and select any mobile browser to access the network;
  7. In the search bar write the query “QuickShortCutMaker” и нажмите кнопку поиска. Important to find A site with an APK file for this application without opening a Google Play address;


    Download QuickShortCutMaker on the Internet

  8. Download and then install the application. Do not try along the way This instruction will go directly to your smartphone’s settings. System immediately “throw” you to the initial screen, where everything and it began. After downloading, a notification should appear with an offer to install the application;
  9. Open the application and select the “Advanced” tab поиск”. Advanced Search

    Расширенный поиск в приложении

    Enter “TouchWiz” here and select it in results;


    Select “TouchWiz Screen” in the results

  10. Далее нажмите на пункт “Look” . Посмотреть

    View item

    And right away you will see the Android desktop. Go to настройки и нажмите пункт “About device” ;

    Об устройстве

    Item “About the device”

  11. Next, select “Software Details” and several times quickly нажмите по пункту Build Number (около7-10 раз), чтобыenable developer mode;

    Номер сборки

    Click on “Build Number” many times

  12. Now go back and select “Options Developer ”
  13. Turn on “Unlock, Provide …”, then go back and select “Archive and reset” and “Reset data “;


    Unlock item

  14. Confirm the data reset and wait for the process to complete.

Next, you will also need to create a new account or log in another existing one. As you noticed, the process will need Wi-Fi internet. To open the settings, TolkBack can you don’t need to draw a slanting line with your finger, but press with two fingers along the edges of the screen horizontally.

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Other tips for resetting your Google Account

If you can’t access the smartphone described above ways, try the listed links:

Link Description Try to find a solution among the ready-made answers on the page google support You can also find an additional source of information on forum

The advantage of forum information is that you can find it here among the sections is precisely your model or version of Android. Then open the corresponding section that describes how to eliminate a problem. If you have not found a way to reset your Google account after a complete reset, ask your question in this thread and describe your situation.

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