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In April 2016, the social network Vkontakte received a new design and decoration. In the test version of the new design of Vkontakte, each user himself could include a new version, check and if she did not like it, then switch back to the old version of VK. But consider whether it is possible to return to the old version of VK now.

old version of Vkontakte

How to enable the new version of VKontakte?

You can do it this way: open the news in the VK blog and at the very end of the page click “Join testing “(maybe this is not working).

You can also include a new version on the link “Use default version of the site “in the left column of the site, below (if you open the VC on the computer, phone).

How to enable the old version of VK?

It was possible to return the old back there, right down narrow left column of the site, a pale gray link. It’s called Return to Old Version. site. “Now it’s already not all, will disappear completely.

Did the new version turn on itself?

On June 9, some users of the VK (approximately 10 percent) received a new version forcibly, that is, she turned on herself, and dodged old they can’t already. If this happened to you, most likely, you have popped among these users. What to do? Nothing can be done, only get used to it, because a person gets used to a dodger. Try to take this calmly. It will take some time the old version will already seem uncomfortable to you. In any case, the site developers VK I can’t keep the old version for you for a long time.

It is reported that this is the beginning of a mass transfer of all VK users on a new version. Here is the official news about it. Those who did not fall within the mentioned 10%, for some time they will be able to switch to the new version themselves and vice versa, but will be everywhere only new version.

how to turn off the new design vkontakte

The new version of VKontakte on the phone

The new version means the full version of the site, which people use on computers and tablets. it not applicable to the VK application for telephones, which Developed and updated separately (see: How to enter the VK from the phone).

The new version of VKontakte is far from being liked by everyone. Many demand to return the previous version, which they consider more comfortable. Someone claim the new design is too similar on Facebook and even Classmates. Users even created an online petition requesting to keep the old version go “right to choose.” Most likely, this is nothing. does not affect. Online petitions are often created strikingly due to the information is very wide. But the petition is actually nobody else I didn’t help. When the noise subsides, all of them forget.

VKontakte laughed at its users who promised leave if the old version is not returned. A month after his promises they all continued to sit in the air force (look at them).

It’s known that any big update is always part of people greets with greed, as changing old habits for them too painful. In modern times, they calm down.

Why is it important? When you express your opinion, it will become easier, you let out your negativity. True, 92% of the people of this unread, immediately they will look for a hole where you can to write. Congratulations if you read this! If by nasam you really want to contact VKontakte employees and ask them to turn over the old version, try contacting support service.

How to enter a new or old version of VK?

You can easily enter the love version of VKontakte (depending on what is now) through Login to VK on my page.

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